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May 2016

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Precisely speaking, the month of May is the last month of Spring, but in Greece it’s actually a sign of summer blooming. It’s that time of the year when we start planning our summer holidays, dreaming of sandy beaches and crystal waters, romantic sunsets and excursions to magical places. The sweet longing for fun and carelessness with the endless blue backdrop of the sky and sea overwhelms us all.

This month we invite you to:

  • dive into the clear waters of some of the most famous beaches around Greece; some exotic with light-golden sand and others set in a unique landscape that will offer you some unforgettable moments.
  • explore Plastira Lake; one of the biggest and most impressive ones in Greece, where nature will amaze you and watersports will keep your adrenaline running.
  • visit the Acropolis of Lindos, built at the top of a hill, as well as the heritage settlement below.
  • savour the Greek Islands’ sweet temptations and bring them back home with you on your return.
  • read all about the 2016 Heritage Awards given to Greece by ‘Europa Nostra’.
  • watch Visit Greece’s ‘Dodecanese’ video.
  • enjoy the ‘Gourmet Olive Exhibition’ featuring Greek olive products and delicacies as well as the ‘Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF)’.
  • see what ‘Athinorama Suggests’ has for us this month.

Happy reading!
The Visit Greece team

Oscar Winning Beaches

The Acropolis of Lindos
Lake Plastira
Europa Nostra 2016
Sweets with an island flair
The 'Dodecanese' Islands
Gourmet Olive Exhibition
'Athinorama Suggests'
Athens Digital Arts Festival

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