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Welcome Spring!

It’s spring: Time for joy, open hearts, extroverted moods, and recreation! The earth turns into an endless thick green carpet coloured over by wild flowers and beneficiary herbs which you can use to make your own natural cosmetics. The dazzling sunshine lures us to the green spaces of Athens for a wonderful picnic, or to the wonder of nature at the straits of the Nestos River. The nature’s resurrection goes hand in hand with the celebration of the Jesus Christ’s one. For this year’s Easter holiday choose the stone uniqueness of Meteora.
But spring is also the time for new ideas to spring to mind for the Visit Greece web team. In our newsletter find new tips, suggestions and videos, along with a section that will be putting Greece on the spotlight. Let us feature our Upcycling project and Mythical Peloponnese for April.

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Easter at Meteora

In the stone forest of Meteora and against the majestic natural wonder of the Earth seeming to lay fingers to reach the sky, devout Christians welcome Easter in godliness. Harmonious melodies mix with the aroma of incense to fill the candlelit atmosphere with a divine magic. Enjoy the experience…

Picnic in Athens

Α checkered tablecloth, a basket with everything you will need, some good company and not a bad temper is all you have to put together to live some simple yet very refreshing moments outdoors. Spring in Greece is wonderful anyway and, contrary to common belief, Athens remains a city with a lot of beautiful green spaces to be enjoyed. How about it?

Escape to the Nestos straits

At the point where the water body of the river contracts to slipper through the mountains of Rodopi and forms 17km long meanders, a landscape of jaw-dropping beauty and immense serenity unfolds before your eyes. A lifetime experience in a dreamy ambience! Give in to it…

Natural Cosmetics

According to the Greek mythology, the goddess of vegetation Flora endowed the Greek land with myriads of aromatic plants, nutritious fruits and beneficiary herbs. Nowadays, a vast array of Greek cosmetics made with those natural treasures is internationally acclaimed and very deservedly so. Make yourselves some…
"Grab the tram & breathe in the sea breeze along the Athens Riviera!"
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the highly interesting exhibition "Princesses of the Mediterranean in the Dawn of History" at the Museum of Cycladic Art ntil May 8, 2013. See why!
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Mythical Peloponnese

One of the best tourism promo videos for 2012-2013, already awarded as such at the ITB Berlin International Tourism Fair, is one made by the Region of Peloponnese. Watch it…

Upcycling Project

Recognising the global surge in upcycling, its possibilities and the positive environmental effects, the Greek National Tourism Organisation rationally manages its available resources by creatively reusing the unutilized promotional material. Read more…

Spring is here!

Nature in blossom, Greece in celebration. Spring is the time when Mother Nature strokes Earth with its colours and aromas to create a place you call a dream; a place we call Greece!
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