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April 2014




April is here, wiping away all traces of winter as the temperature rises! Let’s follow the command of the season and experience life against a dreamy backdrop created by the Greek nature’s multi-coloured palette. Come with us:
  • Take part in a rafting expedition and get to know Epirus’ landscapes
  • Visit Lake Vistonida for a memorable bird watching experience
  • Allow feelings of devoutness fill your heart, in preparation for the Easter celebrations on Syros Island
  • Try the lovely products and local flavours on Limnos Island 
  • Learn more abour the 2nd Spetsathlon (Spetses Triathlon Race) which will take place on April 25-27 on Spetses Island. Our motto: To win is to participate! 
Have you heard the news? This year, Athens will host TBEX Europe, the biggest international gathering of opinion leaders in tourism!   

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The Visit Greece webteam
Waterfowl over Lake Vistonida 
Easter on Syros Island.
A heavenly alliance
Culinary voyage to Limnos Island
Following the Epirus water trails
Athens: An international tourism blogging hotspot
Spetsathlon 2014
25-27 April

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