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March 2017

Sweet Breath of Spring!


When the clock of seasons points to spring, the greyish landscape is gradually transformed into a sea of colourful and fragrant beds of plants. Nature’s green carpet is embroidered with tiny wildflowers on mountains and plains, adding colour to Greece’s wind and wave battered rocky land. Picturesque spring lanscapes magically adorn Greece’s cultural heritage.

Let’s travel to Veria in the north of Greece; this significant ancient Macedonian land, is steeped in 2.500 years of history. Discover the well kept secrets of the sea caves in the Ionian Sea. Explore the charming Cyclades, only a short distance away, and get ready to set the table with our Spring Cooking ideas - all Greek!

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The Sea Caves of the Ionian Sea
Veria City
An escape to nearby Cyclades
Greece in blossom
Flavours of Spring
City Break
2nd Crete Marathon
Athinorama Suggests
Spring in Greece

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