Summer escapes

For most of the Greeks, July means the onset of a summer holiday. The enticing crystalline waters and the bright, warm sun put a bee in people’s bonnet about short escapes and unwinding careless moments.

This is the time of the year that does honour to the wonderful Greek islands: thousands of white spots sparse here and there on the endless blue beckon us. Amongst them, verdant Thassos and mystic Samothrace are eager to introduce you to their own piece of paradise. You just give in to the allure! Go to the beach and play on the sand with your significant other, or your kids. Enjoy a delicious, traditional meal – our suggestion is “gemistá” – and feel the taste of summer in your mouth.
For those of you who wonder where the “experts” of holidays – i.e. the VisitGreece webteam - are going to have fun this year, here is the answer:
Dimmy: Ikaria
Eleftheria: Anafi and Sikinos
Katerina: Chalkidiki and Paros
Sofia: Skyros and Kalymnos
Stella: Chania and Evia
Dora: hasn’t decided yet
Should you still be in doubt on where to spend you holiday, go to and make your choice among all those fascinating destinations.
Have a great time!

Fun on the beach!

This summer rejoice, exercise, burn the extra calories through fascinating activities and share with your friends and family unforgettable carefree moments of joy and delight- moments that will remain in your heart forever.

Let’s see how…

Samothrace: the island of the Great Gods

The island of the NE Aegean astonishes with the wild natural scenery, the awesome waterfalls and the rich archaeological resources. In fact, in the ancient times the island was famous for the rituals at the sanctuary of the Great Gods and for the statue of Victory of Samothrace that is kept in the Louvre in Paris.
Get initiated…

The Emerald of the Aegean

A splendid mixture of magnificent nature and Aegean culture, Thassos, with its natural beauty, rich history, long traditions, exciting nightlife, and low cost but high quality tourist services, will give a new meaning to what is widely known as “holiday”.
Discover it…

When Greek gastronomy goes summery!

A colourful bouquet of delicious fresh vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, zucchinis) relish the red sauce; good portions of spearmint and parsley paired with raisins and pine nut coming as a surprise with each bite, as well as the mouthwatering flavour make up the tasteful pandemonium of this traditional summery food.
Enjoy it…

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Santorini was truly amazing!!!! Never seen such a spectacular place. Fell in love!!!‏@bharatgupta76 on 29 June.

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