2012: Re-start, re-born: re-solutions

“This year…
I will spend more time with those I love         
I’ll travel more and add more quality, happiness and wisdom in my life        
I’ll visit at least four new Greek islands           
I’ll keep fit with exercise and good food         
I’ll spend a night in the arms of my lover under the moon and on a beach of the island of Ikaría                 
I’ll dance to the music of a feast on a Greek island           
I’ll monitor my thoughts and think positive: no more nonproductive worrying; time for brainstorming creative solutions to challenging situations                                           
I won’t let stress take over me       
I’ll spend every weekend on a Greek island             
I’ll get away from it all.”

This year we are RE-starting anew. Let’s RE-unite in a common effort.

The Visit Greece webteam

RE-discovering the abode of the Gods

Recognized as “part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves” by UNESCO in 1983 and a protected area of the NATURA 2000 network, mount Olympus is the tallest mountain in Greece (the peak Mýtikas goes as high as 2,917 m). Its majestic beauty of a rocky mass penetrating the clouds left the ancient Greeks gasping in awe and admiration. No wonder they placed their gods here. Start climbing…

RE-vitalising the senses in the birthplace of Alexander the Great

Imagine yourself in a pool amidst precipice rocks, natural waterfalls and wild vegetation. Feel the soothing warmth of the water (37ο C) and let your eyes wander around the verdant gorge of the water stream of Áyios Nikólaos (Saint Nicolas) locally known as Thermopótamos (= hot river). In the springtime, breath in the galore of natural aromas in a feast of green...Where is the rest of it? 

RE-introducing Krokos Kozanis

Could you believe that a small purple lily can offer you what is most precious and valuable from the Greek land? If not, let us introduce you to the miracle of our nature, the Kozani Crocus, one of the world's most tasteful and valuable varieties of saffron! The product owes its beneficiary properties to particular soil and climatic conditions as well as to cultivation techniques and traditional practices followed by the area's crocus growers. Tell me more…

“It’s all Greek to me”. REally?

This year don’t just get older. Get also wiser by learning the language of Sappho, Euripides, Plato, but also the language of distinctive contemporary writers and poets such as Cavafy, Kazantzakis, Seferis and Elytis; an ancient old language through which the myths, the traditions, the culture and the history of this fascinating country have been travelling over the centuries. Where can I take lessons?

You said:

I really really really want to go to Greece. Like. Soon. Maybe that should be my new years resolution for this year. @emmargrethe on Jan 4

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