In Greece you Love!

A holiday experience in Greece goes beyond expectations. From the unique cultural  heritage to the landscapes of unsurpassed beauty and from the allure of the celebrated Greek islands to the taste and quality of the Greek cuisine, Greece has all you might wish for. To prove ourselves right, these are the suggestions we have for you this month:

Sailing around the Cyclades: secluded coves, golden or rocky beaches, swimming in azure waters, snorkeling in underwater caves and all the joys of the open sea will give you the time of your life!
Visiting the palace at Knossos: in the heart of the Minoan civilization, one of the most magnificent ones in History, marvel at the palace of the colours!
Taking an agrotourism holiday: traditional guest houses encompassed in vineyards or olive groves, biological farms and eco-villages, will all offer you some careless and rejuvenating moments in the heart of Greek nature!
Tasting Greek cuisine: local dishes with a strong character made with exquisite protected designation of origin materials and marked with a worldwide acknowledgement of their nutritional value will make you come back asking for more!

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Sailing through the Cyclades

This year, give a chance to your dream coming true: sail across the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, through the island cluster of the Cyclades, famous for its picturesque whitewashed houses, traditional character, cosmopolitan lifestyle, sun-kissed beaches, thousands of bays and creeks, and superb clear crystal waters. Sailing in the Cyclades will be an amazing one in a lifetime experience. Let’s set sail!

The Minoan palace of the colours

The imposing palace of Knossos, home not only to the mythical king Minoa but also to the legendary Minotaur, sports lively frescoes and a wonderful functionality of internal spaces so as to qualify as the most impressive structure of the archaeological site that hosts it.

Let's visit it... 

A holiday in a farm

Well-preserved traditional settlements and farms offer you the chance to watch a variety of farming activities or even take part in them and enjoy the peace of nature while the beauty of the Greek land will be sharing its secrets with you. Grab the chance…

A flavoured tour around Greece

Touring Greece equals exploring tastes, aromas, exquisite ingredients surprisingly combined, and an endless variety of quality food. Fresh raw materials, aromatic herbs and beneficiary olive oil are the focal points of Greek cuisine's superb simplicity and simple superiority.

Taste it...…

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When U R looking for a great place to visit summer 2013!!!..Go to Greece! Beautiful ppl, land and sea! U will love it!!! @Hellas 40 on Feb. 1

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