Once upon a time, Aphrodite realised that people would rather worship the wondrous beauty of no goddess Psyche, and saw her altars standing silent and empty, as men were flocking to meet Psyche in the flesh. Green with envy as she was, she called on her son, Eros (also known as Cupid, the Romans’ version) to avenge the hated mortal for the unbearable sense of negligence she felt devastated by. “Inflame her heart with love, but with a burning love for a mere brute”. Ever too ready to play his mischievous tricks, Eros set off for his labor of love.

That’s what Eros was all about: love burning, love boundless, love desperate, love fatal, love lifelong, love passionate, love and devotion, love and cosmogony, love, love, love... No place on earth could have been a better cradle for love than the land of myths.

This month, take a glass of flirtatious Greek wine and follow us on a trail of romance throughout Greece.

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Eros. THE God!

Fatal star of the Greek mythology, this flying and playful sweet pain of a god leaves no one unbothered, from mighty gods to common mortals. It is him who empowered Zeus to seduce Europa at the Diktaean Cave; it is him who invigorated Orpheus to cross the Acheron river and win Eurudice back; it is still him who filled the heart of Paris of Troy with fatal passion for fair Helen of Sparta. The myths start here…

Romantic destinations for every season!

Winter in the heart of Epirus? Spring in the mythical land of the Centaurs? Summer on the matchless beaches of a Cycladic island? Autumn in a picture-perfect naval state? The only thing beyond doubt is that Greece is fascinating all year round! We recommend four charming destinations, one for each season of the year, where you can relish blissful romantic moments with your significant other! Start the tour…

All’s fair in love and wine

It’s like love: it takes off when it finds the perfect match. That’s wine. Stimulating and calming, passionate and romantic, pure and burning, intense and tender: all’s fair in love and wine! The Greek vineyard is rich with a multitude of varieties and a limitless spectrum of choices. Cheers…

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