The Autumn beauties of Greece

The Autumn beauties of Greece

It may perhaps be a little difficult trying to write about how beautiful your country is while trying to convince people at the same time that you are being objective. It is even more difficult when you are writing about a beauty which has been so lauded by poets and discussed by philosophers. It is certainly tough trying to prove that something is or is not beautiful.

This month we have decided to show you, as objectively as we can, some of the beauties of Greece. Maybe you will agree with our choice, maybe not. Maybe this issue will encourage you to look for beauty wherever you may find yourself.

Whatever the case may be, we surely all agree with Dostoyevsky that “Beauty will save the world”.

Τhe Visit Greece web team.

Reflecting beauty

Reflecting beautyLike stunning mirrors of outstanding natural beauty, lakes in Greece reflect the splendour of the Greek landscape in their waters. It is not by chance that the lakes of Greece have since time immemorial determined the destinies of mortal beings and the immortal gods of Greek mythology. Closely interconnected with human existence Greek lakes cast a powerful spell over their visitors.
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Tower towns in Greece: sheer medieval magic

Tower towns in GreeceBeautifully preserved stone-built settlements and fortified towns form a harmonious combination of local architecture and western influences. Silent witnesses of the country’s fascinating history are the ideal settings for you to rediscover romance. Whether in mainland Greece or on an island, beautiful sites await to offer you the opportunity to find yourself in places where the past and the present meet.
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Is it true that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?

Or, maybe, beauty has to obey certain rules in order to withstand the test of time? Let’s stand in front of an ancient Greek statue and listen to our tourist guides explaining to us the theory of ideal beauty and the Pythagorean influence on balanced proportions.

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The most photogenic spiritual site in Greece

The most photogenic spiritual site in Greece

Whether they are here for religious purposes or purely for pleasure, visitors to mainland Greece are amazed by the countless number of sites of devotion and major references to the divine. Religion in Greece is defined by its own “sacred” geography and Metéora – literally meaning “suspended in the air” –, a breathtaking location of 24 monasteries mostly built atop rock pillars, can be a source of insight and inspiration to travellers of any faith. Should we start climbing up?

Capture the beauty!

Capture the beauty!Beauty in Greece is exquisite; unspoiled and timeless. The landscapes’ distinctive charm attracts visitors, who wish to capture and cherish every single moment of their journey here. This is why Greece is one of the most photographed countries in the world. Sunlight is the most important element for landscape photography and the warm Mediterranean light makes Greece ideal for landscape photography lovers!
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Beauty in Greece

Beauty in Greece YOUINGREECE is about real people from different backgrounds, nationalities and lifestyles, who choose to visit Greece travelling from all over the world. People, just like you, who pass on the message that Greece is a country whose authenticity, natural beauty, and warm hospitality are uniquely combined attributes. In this video there are no words. The images speak for themselves.
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