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The heart of Greek Autumn

The beauty of the mellow, charming colours of the autumn landscape in Greece beckons you to get away from the daily routine and enjoy a short trip in the arms of nature! Rivers, lakes, mountain ranges and forests are the ideal settings for you to experience in close-up the miracle of season change. The enchanting palette of golden yellow hues on leaves is the predominant feature in the natural kingdom at this time of year!
Here is a list of things for you to try in November:
  • Discover Ioannina, the lovely capital town of Epirus Region and Lake Pamvotida – there’s a legendary islet within, enveloped in historical tales and fables. Try the local delicious dishes and feast your eyes on the lovely traditional jewellery.
  • Travel south to the Thessalian land and practice your skills in canoeing and kayaking down Pineios River, following a scenic route towards the sea.
  • Peek in the traditional Greek larder and succumb to the discreet charm of the spices used in the Greek cuisine.
  • Board the Athens metro trains for a memorable tour around the treasures which lay unseen for so long and were unearthed as excavations for the Athens metro system were under way
  • Head north towards Thessaloniki and visit the European Youth Capital for 2014! You will see shots of events planned for the coming year which is expected to be rated as restless, lively and multi-faceted…
  • Wear your sports shoes and run alongside thousands of athletes of international repute, in the 31st Athens Classic Marathon
  • Visit our YouTube channel and enjoy an amazing video which is all about the beauty of Greek autumn colours! Sweet thoughts and pleasant feelings will flood through your heart!
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Ioannina, the city of legends

In this beautiful city by the legendary lake Pamvotida, time seems to flow on its own rhythm. Modern reality looses its limits and emerges to the haze and charm of bygone eras. The traces of history are visible at every step you take while you are wandering in a city of dream. Let’s visit it…

Spices in the Greek larder

Greek Cuisine lies at the crossroads of East and West & it is truly a kaleidoscope of flavours & aromas. Greek Spices are wisely mixed in good measure & proportion & will take you on an enjoyable gastronomic journey full of surprises!  So, how about sneaking in the Greek larder & getting to know them better? 

A journey from the river to the sea

For those who refuse to stay home as the weather gets colder, autumn is the ideal season for water sports! Take your paddle, vest, camera & get ready to canoe & kayak down Pineios River. Let the water carry you away on a spectacular journey from the river to the sea!

The Athens metro takes us back in time

Did you know that there is an underground museum in Athens showcasing unique archaeological finds unearthed from deep inside the Attican land? Copies of Parthenon sculptures, burial monuments, vessels & ancient children’s toys will take you on a journey through time, in the Athens metro rail area. Board here…    
If you are a cinema fan don't miss out on the 54th Thessaloniki International Film Festival. The Festival invites you this year to a special cinematic celebration, with a renewed viewpoint, many special tributes & a clear preference for the independent cinema. Let's meet in Thessaloniki...

31st Athens Classic Marathon

Athens will be in the sports spotlight on November 10, 2013 when the 31st Classic Marathon will take place. More than 30,000 runners – a record number of all times! – will participate in the event and the races it includes! Will you run the Authentic?
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Thessaloniki – European Youth Capital 2014

Thessaloniki, the young and restless city of Greece, will be the European Youth Capital for 2014. A series of events, forums and actions will take place in order to offer the opportunity to hundreds of young people from all around Europe to present their ideas for the future. Let’s read how…

Autumn Colours in Greece

The most charming season of the year is here! With its unbeatably beautiful landscapes & rich palette of colours, it could give even the most gifted impressionist painter a run for his money – indisputable proof that Greece is an excellent choice of holiday destination at this time of the year. Watch the video…

Lakes Reflecting Beauty!

Greek lakes cast a powerful spell over their visitors. Like stunning mirrors of outstanding natural beauty, they reflect the splendour of the landscape in their waters. It is not by chance that the lakes of Greece have since time immemorial determined the destinies of mortal beings & the immortal gods of Greek mythology. Feel their magic...
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