Greece: A cultural getaway

A cultural getaway

When people are asked about our country and its culture, they usually talk about how “Greece is the cradle of Western civilization”, about it being “the place where ancient philosophers were born”; about how “the Greek language has survived throughout the centuries”; how “democracy was first created as a political system”, its remarkable archaeological sites, interesting museums, its mythology and so on.

But Greece is even more than this. Greece is also a breathtaking landscape with the sea as its backdrop; Greece is home to tremendously important archaeological sites alongside golden sandy beaches. Ancient monuments hidden next to the deep blue sea. Cobbled streets created in Byzantine times.

Culture in Greece means celebrating your country’s traditions. Culture is reading poems by world famous Greek poets in the Athens metro on your way to work.

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Which are your favourite museums in Greece?

the 5 most popular museumsThese have been the 5 most popular museums over the last 10 years. Their collections include priceless finds, statues cast in bronze or fashioned from marble that broke the conventions of the Archaic period, such as the Charioteer of Delphi, treasures from royal tombs, Linear B tablets, enigmatic Cycladic marble figurines, the snake Goddess, the original Caryatids, the Antikythera Mechanism, a mechanical miniature of the Ancient Universe...
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Cultural and natural sites go hand in hand

Cultural and natural sites go hand in handParos is by size the third island of the Cyclades group, combining natural beauty, culture and fun. Visitors can start their tour from Paroikia’s harbour, have some time to relax in the nice little coffee-shops lining the island’s picturesque alleys and then stop by the Archaeological Museum of Paros to get an idea about the history of the island that has been populated since the beginnings of the Late Neolithic Period, due to its location in the central Aegean.
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Culture in Greece

Culture in Greece YOUINGREECE is about real people from different backgrounds, nationalities and lifestyles, who choose to visit Greece travelling from all over the world.
People, just like you, who pass on the message that Greece is a country whose authenticity, natural beauty, and warm hospitality are uniquely combined attributes.
Let’s see what CULTUREINGREECE means to you!
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The Athenian Summer CinemasSpecial feature: Have you ever heard of open-air cinemas in Athens?
Our tourist guides are here to remind us that there are still small, well-hidden places in Athens where visitors can watch their favourite films while eating pop-corn, or enjoying a light meal. But, be aware: here, the star-lit sky is part of the scenery: romance, adventure and feel-good movies complete it.
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Summer festivals

Summer festivals Greece is brimming with festivals every summer. These fascinating celebrations, some of which date WAY back in time, never fail to fire up the imaginations of art-loving audiences…Distinguished artists from Greece and all over the world dazzle us with their creativity and inspiration! You will be amazed by the sheer number and variety of the events, artists and different kinds of music and other art forms on offer under the blue Greek skies this summer.
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Breathtaking Athens

Every night is a good night in #Greece... and every day is a new day filled with pleasure and adventure. @Athineo on 25 Jul

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