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September 2015

Sweet September Holiday!

If you are more of an off-the-beaten-track holiday seeker then September is the perfect month to visit Greece. The sizzling days give way to a more temperate climate so pack your bags and embark on an adventure and discover under the radar islands, lakes and archaeological sites. This month come with the Visit Greece Team and:
  • depart for a journey on some Greek laid-back Islands
  • “enjoy a joyride” at Lake Kournas on Crete
  • get acquainted with some healthy yet delicious Greek snacks
  • explore the Royal Tombs and Archaeological Site of Vergina
  • read our Greece on the Spotlight article
  • watch our new video about “Mysterious Mainland”
  • visit the Athens International Film Festival in Athens and the 50th Dimitria Festival in Thessaloniki
  • see what ‘Athinorama Suggests’ has for us this month.

Happy reading!
The Visit Greece webteam

Laid Back Islands
Lake Kournas
Delicious Greek snacks
The Royal Tombs & Archaeological Site of Vergina
Greek Islands chosen among the best to spend your honeymoon
Mysterious Mainland
21st Athens International Film Festival
50th Dimitria Festival in Thessaloniki
'Athinorama Suggests'

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