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November 2016

On the Threshold
of Winter!

November in Greece is the transitional month towards winter. The skies turn cloudy and then back to sunshine, alternately, making you desire journeys around Greece’s mainland with its untouched nature or some laid back strolls around Athens’ old neighborhoods, located around the Acropolis hill.

The season’s mild temperature is the biggest ally of the flourishing running athletic events, which have shown a rise these past few years throughout Greece.

Then again, since exercise opens appetites… let us virtually invite you to a 5th century B.C. ancient Greek dinner.

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The Visit Greece Team
Mesmerising Mainland
Neighbourhoods around the Acropolis Hill
Running in Greece
Tower of the Winds
Ancient Greek Banquet
"Colours of the
Saronic Gulf"
34rd Athens Marathon
Exhibition about the Oracle of Dodona at the Acropolis Museum
''Autumn In Greece''

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