Hidden treasures of the Archipelago

The sea community of the Aegean keeps in its blue arms a floating society dotted with whitewashed island clusters and tiny little isles like “virtual” postal cards!
Hidden treasures on the sea bed: exotic shellfish that carry the sea in their taste, men on Kalymnos who dive in the blue to fish sponges and spectacular shipwrecks that evidence the century-old history of the wonderful Aegean Sea.
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Sponge divers from Kalymnos 


Fine proud old sea dogs… These famous sponge fishermen have plied the dark recesses of the sponge grounds for centuries, “equipped” –at first- only with their great lung capacity! Let’s follow their trail…  

The “fruit” of the sea

Summertime on a Greek island. The sun is warmly flirting with the careless holiday feeling. Fishing boats lay their goods on the docks: “gifts” form the sea for your table. But it’s the shellfish that make the best impression with their exotic looks and the exquisite taste.

Taste them…

Small and precious

The gem of the Dodecannese islands. The guardian of beauty at the extremity of the Greek sea area. The masterpiece of architecture in the captivating blue of the Aegean Sea. The island which could have easily been the reason for postcards to be invented. It is Symi!

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The Shipwreck of Antikythera

The National Archaeological Museum offers you a visit to what has been pulled up from the famous shipwreck, during the first marine archaeological research of such extent in the world!

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