January 2013: A new year giving off Greece!

Islet Tragonisi, Saronic gulf
If your plans for 2013 include a trip to Greece, our enviable task remains to guide you through the land of your dreams for a virtual holiday preceding the real one.
Follow us to high mountains where legends still live on; to worldwide known islands like white dots on a blue canvas; to beautiful cities and even more beautiful traditional settlements in the hinterland; to the immensity of the pristine and gorgeous Greek nature; to the tastes and aromas of the Greek cuisine; to the insuperable cultural monuments that placed Greece on the top of world fame.
At the beginning of this year we are taking you to the wonders of the mountain areas of Korinthos, as well as to mitata, the “igloos” of the sacred Mt Psiloritis, roof of Crete. We present you avgotaraho, the precious amber treasure of the lagoon of Messolonghi. If you are more into museums, read our tips for an enjoyable meal or coffee with a view to the history of Athens or Thessaloniki. You want more? Log on to Youtube and watch Facts about Greece – Episode 3.
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Avgotaraho of Messolonghi!

Avgotaraho, a Greek version of caviar, is the treasure of the aqua world of the lagoon of Messolonghi. Its exclusive aroma and subtle taste have placed it among the most prominent gourmet products for demanding consumers the world over. Taste it…

Igloos on Mount Psiloritis?

On the slopes of Mount Psiloritis, where Zeus was brought up, arched stone shepherds’ huts and cheese dairies are sparse. Encompassing the skillfulness of the builders of Crete, they stand harmoniously adapted to the landscape, keeping the original heart of the famous Greek island beating.
Let’s pay a visit to them…

A delicious visit to the Greek Museums

Beautiful atriums and courtyards, balconies with breathtaking views and lush gardens, properly adjusted to give you a rest before or after your visit to the museums of Athens and Thessaloniki, or offer you a romantic dinner and aesthetic dishes. Follow us on a walk to the most famous ones and let’s discover together their real....taste! Are you coming?

Korinthos Mountain Area

High verdant peaks, two beautiful lakes, mountainous trails with breathtaking view, byzantine churches, a mythical cave and picturesque villages giving off an original scent of Greek mountainous atmosphere: all that and many more await on the mountains of Korinthos. Indulge in the allure...

Facts about Greece, Epidose 3!

Greece is unique and excellent in culture, natural beauty, and distinct local products. Do you think you know all about them? Well, find out more reasons why Greece is so special by watching the 3rd episode of Facts about Greece on Youtube.
Click now…

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everywhere in Greece people are nice and helpful! Love this country! AnnaBiernacka-Rygiel on 5 January

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