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Welcome to the hidden corners of heaven

A great many of the visitors to Greece speak of it as the paradise on earth. They are absolutely right! Being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Greece promises a multitude of enticing destinations full of magic and hidden corners worth to be discovered. This month follow the tracks of the VisitGreece webteam to places not very famous but wonderful. Get to know:
  • the heavenly microcosm of the Little Eastern Cyclades, a guarantee for the most relaxed holiday ever
  • the little gems of the NE Aegean Sea, that will travel you back to Greece of the past
  • the pulsating underwater universe of insular Greece
  • the temple of Apollo Epicurius with the divine architecture
Moreover, we unveil to you the secrets of the Santorinian beer “Volkan”, awarded as “Product Innovation of the Year” at the International Beer Awards, and we re-introduce you Athens through the app “Amazing Athens”.

The Visit Greece team

Minor Cyclades' discreet charm

Cyclades: Deep blue sea speckled with a handful of islands like diamonds – here is the ‘ultimate’ definition of paradise. The sun shining on transparent waters, the wonders of nature and the warm hospitality all point towards what could be one of the most carefree holidays of your life! Off we go!

Flying beneath the sea

The seabed universe, this pulsating world of silence and mystery, has always been a challenge for people to dive and uncover its watery secrets. Undersea caves, impressive reefs, famous shipwrecks and sunken legendary towns make up the exhilarating Greek underwater seascape. Explore a stunning world in blueLet’s take a dive...

Green & blue dots on the map

Pristine nature & the locals' proud old ways welcome you to a holiday experience off the beaten track, where peacefulness & originality are the key words. If you want to combine an original Greek island experience with tons of relaxation, don't look any further! Explore...

The Parthenon of Peloponnese

Perched in the mountains of Arcadia lies one of the most significant as well as imposing religious sites of ancient times, the temple of Apollo Epicurius. A treasure of all humanity, this awe-inspiring Greek monument was the first to be designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in Greece. Visit it

"Lay a collection of seashells on your summer memories!"

50th Aegean Sailing Rally

A few days are left for the beginning of the most challenging, prestigious and competitive sailing race in the Mediterranean waters.  The race goes from Attica (Faliron) to Syros, Patmos, Koufonisi and back to Attica (Sounion) for the finish line. Marking this year’s golden anniversary there are many special events during the opening and closing ceremony. Will you miss it?
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A high distinction for the Greek beer

Apart from being a country with a long history in wine making, Greece has recently evolved into a mighty player in the field of beer producing, receiving conspicuous international accolades. The most recent example was provided by Volkan beer from Santorini which was awarded at the International Beer AwardsTake a sip…

Amazing Athens App

A new, pioneering tourist application is now available in the smartphone and tablet world. It is called “Amazing Athens” and it gives visitors to the city useful information, insider tips, and suggestions on entertainment, and cultural and sports events. The app is trilingual, “speaking” English, Chinese, and Spanish, and soon Russian. More info...

Hidden Gems

Small hidden gems decorate like pearls the necklace of the Greek islands. Come here to experience the joys of the sea and the sun on the blond sandy beaches and in the postal-card perfect little coves. Taste fresh seafood at tavernas by the seashore and feel the peace those marine heavens are about. Off we go!
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