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Things to do in Greece’s winter season

The first month of the year marks a new beginning and invites us to rethink our priorities and our goals! So this month, how about getting closer to the Greek nature and discover its hidden charms by…
  • climbing the peaks of Pindus mountain range and discover the famous Dragon Lakes enveloped in myth and strange stories
  • tasting Greek pulses, those precious fruits of the Greek land, in a wide variety of mouth-watering recipes
  • going down the white slopes of the less known ski resorts around Greece
  • conquering the wild mountains of Central Macedonia.
Are you in the mood for a city break in Thessaloniki this time of year? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum and discover the city’s rich history. And if you're ready for a new adventure, note down that the shooting of the Greek-Finnish movie titled “Adventure in Greece” will take place next spring in Kos and Nisyros Islands.

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Dragon lakes on the Greek mountains

Let’s explore the Greek mountain lakes! The dragon lakes, whose name brings to mind fairytales, is a precious gift of Mother Nature, a source of wellbeing to nature-lovers as well as valuable objects for research to scientists. Off we go!

A Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

History magically unfolds in the museum’s exhibitions revealing precious treasures made of gold, unique ancient works of art and everyday objects of a bygone era. Follow its track…

Top 5 less known Ski Resorts of Greece

Would you like to live a unique ski or snowboard experience viewing the sea or under a starlit sky? Try skiing down the slopes of the top 5 less known Alpine Ski Resorts of Greece and feel your adrenaline reach its limits. Are you ready?

Greek pulses to quicken your pulse

Status symbols for healthy eating and essential part of the Mediterranean diet, pulses have always been essential to the Greek table. Some regions of Greece are renowned for their cultivation while some other are known for their original recipes. Taste them…
The Acropolis Museum restaurant on the second floor serves Traditional Greek Breakfast, every day (except Monday) until 12 noon.

"Treasured Journeys"

The Corfu Museum of Asian Art presents the temporary exhibition entitled Treasured Journeys. Central Asian Rugs, Textiles and Jewelry from the Jason Deighton-Sarzetakis and Yiannis Sarzetakis Collection until the end of June 2014. Read more… 

Greek-Finnish film made in Greece

A dangerous yet exciting adventure awaits three teenagers from Finland during their holidays in Greece, according to the script of the greek-finnish movie titled Adventure in Greece. The shooting will take place next spring in Kos and Nisyros Islands. Read more...

Divine Mountains

Armed only with a pair of reasonably sturdy shoes and a love of exploration one can get to know all the beauty of the mountainous Central Macedonia, the unique forests, the crystal clear rivers, the stunning lakes, and the unchanging culture of the Greek countryside. Take me there…
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