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March 2016

March winds
are Winter's yawn


We stretch our arms to the 
sun-to the sun and sing and sing.
The light is whistling, yea whistling
in the veins of the grass and stone...
Open the windows to let the 
universe enter emerged with all 
the poppies of our blood...
Giannis Ritsos (Greek Poet, 1909-1990) “Spring-Symphony”
March is the month where season changes from Winter’s bitterness to Spring’s delight. Spring awakens nature as well as our soul, it stimulates our ideas with beds of flowers, colours and aromas. Sunny days replace the darker winter ones and call us out to enjoy life’s joyful journey. This month we invite you to:
  • take a tour around the evergreen island of Evia and appreciate nature’s essence. 
  • discover the dynamic side of Athens, where you can breathe in mountain’s fresh air and the sea breeze at a stone’s throw away. 
  • taste traditional Greek Pasta in delicious-aromatic recipes.
  • find out more about Anthestiria, a three-day festival,  celebrating the passage of Winter to Spring in Ancient Greece
  • read all about how Athens reached second best European destination in Europe for 2016.
  • watch Visit Greece’s video 'Maritime History.'
  • enjoy Xanthi's Carnival Folk Festival and the 'As One' performance art project.
  • see what 'Athinorama Suggests' has for us this month.
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The Visit Greece team
A Tour of Evia
Greek Traditional Pasta
Athens in Action
Athens; Second Best Destination in Europe
Anthesteria; Passing from Winter to Spring
'Maritime History'
The Carnival of Xanthi
'Athinorama Suggests'
The 'As One' Performance

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