Forever young!

Forever young!

“Visit music festivals taking place next to bays with crystal-clear blue waters and surrounded by towering mountains; on islands where choirs, philharmonic orchestras or jazz and swing virtuosos from Europe, Asia and the United States perform against a backdrop of Venetian fortresses and other historic sites.

Athens features distinguished choreographers and dance groups from all over the world – and Greece. Guitar lovers? Go to great concerts and see for yourself some promising young artists.

Or…you could just choose to build a campfire, sit around with friends, share a few tales, form some lifelong friendships and sleep under the stars,”

said the Visit Greece web team.

4 holiday destinations for the young at heart!

4 holiday destinations for the young at heart! Greece is the perfect destination for tourists, no matter what their age is. With almost 6,000 islands there is something here for everybody – whether you want to hide yourself away from the crowds or dance until you drop – and then wake up and do it all over again! With its delirious night life, Greece is a real treat for young people seeking the freedom to ignore convention and party on to the frenetic beat of their favourite DJs!
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Make a reservation on small paradise spots

Make a reservation on small paradise spots You’ve just left the city behind and you’re finally on vacation! You travel by lovely landscapes and finally reach an enchanting oasis, the camping site of your preference, where you will feel welcome and safe. Staying at a campground is yet another ideal way to spend your holidays in Greece. Whether you prefer the cool shadowy Greek mountains or the lively action on the beach, you will experience unique carefree times in the arms of mother nature.
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Youth in Greece

Youth in GreeceYOUINGREECE is about real people from different backgrounds, nationalities and lifestyles, who choose to visit Greece travelling from all over the world. People, just like you, who pass on the message that Greece is a country whose authenticity, natural beauty, and warm hospitality are uniquely combined attributes.
Let’s watch young people having fun in Greece!
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Sun, sea and Aegean winds...

Sun, sea and Aegean winds...There’s a fascinating aspect of summer holidays when combined with seawater activities on Paros! Most beaches on this wind-swept island – covered mainly with fine sand – are located next to modern and well-equipped facilities for all kinds of water sports, offering their sporty visitors some carefree and stimulating fun-time. So, wear your happiest mood and explore the endless possibilities of seawater fun on this famous snow-white Cyclades island.
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Summer festivals

Summer festivals Greece is brimming with festivals every summer. These fascinating celebrations, some of which date WAY back in time, never fail to fire up the imaginations of art-loving audiences…Distinguished artists from Greece and all over the world dazzle us with their creativity and inspiration! You will be amazed by the sheer number and variety of the events, artists and different kinds of music and other art forms on offer under the blue Greek skies this summer.
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Breathtaking Athens

Typing with view! The keyboard at the forefront & the background simply amazing.. #Mykonos
@antonneve on 25 Jun

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