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April 2016

Greece in Bloom!

Following the steps of Spring, we welcome April, the flowery month, as it is usually called in Greek tradition.

 Love started dancing with blonde April
And so Nature found its time to be good and sweet

(D. Solomos, The Free Beleaguered)

 D. Solomos, Greece’s national poet, has fully expressed within his verses the miraculous sprouting of Spring:

… It’s then that the grey wintery landscape trades places with the brightly shining garlands of Spring, …that the colourful buds on the bushy foliage of myriad of wild flowers become the newborn buds of April, …that nature takes part in a frantic fair of shading life.
…It’s then that newly born nature trims the memories of our heritage, …that Spring colours fields of hard-toil and alpine meadows and pasture lands, …that impassable gorges and untrodden mountaintops look tamed, having quenched their thirst for drops of life.

This month we invite you to:
- feel an inner peace by following piety paths and see how spirituality and tradition interacts within holy places of Greece for centuries on end. 
- visit the charming furrier city of Kastoria, whose beauty mirrored in Orestiada Lake will most certainly seduce you.
- learn about spring vegetables and how to start your own spring vegetable garden.
- sing kantades and serenades of love and strife and learn about the unique Ionian music tradition of Kefalonia, Corfu and Zakynthos
- read our Greece on the Spotlight article mentioning the celebration of the Year of Greece in Russia.
- watch Visit Greece’s video 'Unexplored Islands’.
- enjoy Sivert Høyem’s concerts in Greece  and the Comicdom Con Athens comics’ convention.
- see what ‘Athinorama Suggests’ has for us this month.

Happy reading!

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Spring Vegetable Garden
Holy Places
Ionian Music
Year of Greece in Russia
'Unexplored Islands'
Sivert Hoyem in Concert
Greek Comics’ Convention
'Athinorama suggests'

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