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July 2014

Greek summer is...

Light, sun, summer breeze, sea, gorgeous shores, beaches, sun kissed islands, the buzzing noise of cicadas, boat rides, games in the sand, diving off rocky cliffs with friends, snorkeling, paddle boating, collecting seashells, enjoying breathtaking sunsets, moonlight serenades, music, concerts, hot summer nights under the starlit skies, open-air cinemas, festivals, visiting a plethora of archaeological sites, weekend escapes away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sipping ouzo and retsina, a traditional vanilla “ypovrychio” sweet, a homemade fresh sour cherry juice, savoring grilled octopus, seafood, sun dried tomatoes, watermelon, grapes, Greek iced coffee known as frappé, refreshing cocktails, are some of the thoughts that will flood your mind when put to the task of wondering what #greeksummeris for you.
During the last month, we asked you to share with us your most special strong thoughts and feelings about #greeksummeris on our social media and here’s what we’ve got:

  • Eternal Blue

  • Delicious summer delights

  • Spending time with your family 

  • Reading on the beach

And a little something from the team! Aristotle’s Lyceum is an archaeological site nestled in a wonderful park in Athens which is a brand new place for strolling and relaxing in the city centre. You’re invited to experience summer through your senses with a little help from our new YouTube video Cycladic Polychromy! Search no more. Summer means Greece and we call it magic!

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Eternal Blue
Summer delights
Reading on the beach
Spending time with your family
Aristotle's Lyceum open to the public
Cycladic Polychromy

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