Top 5 winter destinations

Top 5 winter destinations

Winter holidays are just around the corner creating the need to escape the daily routine and indulge in serene winter getaways. Traditional stone built villages surrounded by snow covered mountain tops or lush pine tree forests offer the possibility for a variety of exciting outdoor activities and first-class accommodation facilities. Greece’s wintertime, blanketed in snow, is certainly at its best. Come and see for yourself! Take your pick...

Christmas in Greece: a celebration for your senses

Christmas in Greece: a celebration for your senses

Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Greece means entering a magical world that has to be experienced with all of your senses! Pictures of unparalleled beauty; delicious flavours; intoxicating scents and joyful melodies form a mosaic of unforgettable experiences taking us back to our age of innocence. Feel the Christmas spirit and… who knows? Maybe you’ll come across some kind of elf hiding behind the Christmas tree if you are lucky enough! Want to celebrate...

A guided tour around Vergina, a UNESCO World Heritage SiteSpecial feature: A guided tour around Vergina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Our tourist guides invite us to the city of Aigai, the ancient first capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia, “a site of outstanding universal value”, according to the World Heritage Committee.
Let’s follow them...

Winter getaways

Winter getaways

The heart of Greek winter beats on snow-covered mountain tops, where ski enthusiasts –craving for adventure– can experience the sought-after intensity and adrenalin rush. Escape in an idyllic white mountain setting where the cold mountain air puts human will and endurance to the test! Take me there...

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Visiting Meteora in #Greece was definitely a treat for me
Iain Mallory on Nov 4

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