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December 2016

Holiday Countdown


As the most magical time of the year approaches, the festive mood rises! No matter what our age is, we all seem to countdown to Christmas. The holiday decor, ornaments and lights make our days and nights brighter. Our houses are filled with rousing aromas of honey and cinnamon. The streets are packed with merry happy people listening to Christmas carols sang by children's choirs.

This Christmas succumb to the temptation of visiting Metsovo’s mountainous charms; enjoying a weekend escape at Chalkida or Nafplio; savouring Greek Christmas sweets or attending one of the Christmas events organised in five cities around Greece.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Visit Greece Team


Weekend Escapes
Near Athens
Metsovo Village
Christmas Events in
5 Greek Cities
European Capital
of Culture 2021
Sweet Things
Come in Threes
"Winter in Greece"
"Dreaming of Christmas"
"Athinorama Suggests"
Christmas Theme Park

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