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How I overcame 30 years of writer's block
How I overcame 30+ years of writer's block...

Believe it or not, I had writer's block my whole life, up until just 2 years ago.

This is through 16 years of schooling, including a college degree in English literature where I had to write paper after paper -- suffering through all of it. (Part of the challenge was that English was my 2nd language.)

Fast forward to starting my business in 2009, in marketing, of all fields, where writing is supremely important.

Every time I had to write an email to my subscribers, or update my webpages, it was painful...

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Post content online, and get new clients?
Getting new clients by posting content online? 4 factors to make it work.

 I've noticed that I haven't needed to reach out for 1-1 clients for at least 6 months, i.e. my coaching practice has been consistently full for awhile now... and most of those new clients came from the content I posted on Facebook or Youtube, or some of them came from word of mouth but it was the content that *confirmed* their decision to inquire about being my client.

So if you are interested in serving the world through your content, that very activity can at the same time be creating interest in your business.

It's never too early to start. I wish I started creating consistent content back in 2009 when I started my business... but I didn't get smart about this until 2014. Since then, as you know, I've been making videos & postings consistently.

Also, it doesn't have to take 2-3 years for your content to start bringing you new clients. But it *does* require you to get more skilled and more focused in your content — focused on what your audience wants from you that is in your realm of expertise.

Apply the following keys, and you'll shorten your learning curve by a lot...

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Let go of the need to make a good first impression.
Let go of the need to make a "good first impression"...

A lesson I've been learning throughout my life -- especially in business -- is to let go of the need to make a "good first impression".

For example this may be the first video (or blog post) you see from me. And maybe you don't like it. It makes a poor first impression on you.

Should I be afraid to lose you as a potential reader? If I were, I would perhaps never make videos or write posts... there's way too many people I could disappoint, if I don't make a good first impression...

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4 Principles of Compassionate Business
4 Principles of Compassionate Business...

Trying to keep up with the latest -- this is how marketing is usually taught -- and it builds anxiety, hurriedness, hyper-competitiveness. It is exhausting.

Here's a healthier, more sustainable way, that may actually build you a better business long-term.

...and, the journey feels wonderful ♥

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3 Practices for Spiritual Connection...

I posted something a little while ago that received a lot of interest: my shift in perception. 

A question I received privately:

"George, are there practices that have helped you in experiencing Divine Love more often?"

Thank you for asking -- Yes. Here are the regular practices that help me the most:


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You have likely seen many marketing methods for "how to get new clients" that are either ineffective or feel inauthentic.

George Kao has been pioneering and using authentic enrollment methods since 2009 to effectively sell many services, and teaching others to do the same.

This workshop will give you the best of these methods.

Sales and marketing is not a means to an end.

The way that you do sales, marketing, and enrollment, is seen by your clients and audience as what your values represent.

We don't have to emulate the less-than-virtuous methods that we often see done to us by other marketers and business owners.

We can do marketing in a way that makes us feel truly aligned with our best selves, and that feels great to our audience.

Online Workshop -- The Art of Authentic Enrollment
That's all for this newsletter.  I hope you enjoyed it!  

May you experience your true livelihood, and deliver deep positive impact.

~ George Kao

George Kao has taught and coached many people into growing their marketing authentically, and building their true livelihood. 

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