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The secret of joyful business...
The secret of joyful business... do it from a place of "no need".

To me, the most attractive marketing has a feeling of "no need." It is a giving from a fullness of being.

Some marketers pretend to give you a "Free Gift" from a space of caring. But interact with them long enough, and you'll see a base foundation of neediness (and greediness.)

Their root is an intense wanting of things not yet acquired: more money, more fame, more customers.

The more intensely we want something from others, the more needy we become. The more needy, the more calls to action are needed, to get other people to do things for us... to like, follow, comment, share, buy, refer.

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Become conscious of your instinct to check Facebook
Become conscious of your instinct to check Facebook.

Next time you want to check Facebook, take a pause.

Breathe first.

Facebook has been carefully designed to get you coming back again and again, instinctively all throughout the day, looking for some new notification, message, or interesting posts.

It has been designed for human addiction.

The resulting instinct -- checking Facebook in order to resolve a momentary boredom, frustration, or sadness -- is the opposite of mindfulness.

Let's become aware of this, and let's use this challenge to practice mindful living.

This very addiction can be transformed into a beautiful strength of reconnecting with our higher self.

The next moment that you find yourself wanting to use technology as a crutch -- to look at Facebook, check your email, open Instagram -- in that moment, first take a deep breath. 

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"The aim of marketing is to make selling unnessary..."
"The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary..."

Is it possible to make "selling" unnecessary... yet have a thriving business?

I've seen it happen for others, and personally in my own business in the past 6 months.

What if you don't have to overcome objections, do multiple follow-ups and use compelling incentives to try to get others to "invest in themselves"?

What if you could just talk to people who are already eager to work with you... and never have to sell again?

Years ago, I received a simple and brilliant piece of career advice from Paul Hawken, who said:

"Go where you're respected."

These 4 words have defined my career since. The idea also applies to business & marketing: only talk with prospective clients who are *already* eager to work with you. Then there's no selling. There's just connecting with them at a real level, serving them genuinely, and answering questions.

How do we create an audience who are already eager to work with us?

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Building Attention and Credibility
Are you marketing where your people are?

This is what I know about you... You really do want to help people.

But sometimes, you wonder why the people you want to help aren't "getting" the value of your offerings? Why aren't they loving and spreading your content?

Here's a metaphor that might help:

You're in the mountains. The people are down by the riverside.

In the mountains, you studied with a guru, or had peak experiences, or developed your unique body of work.

There, from the mountains, you are trying to shout down to the people, to come up to see the amazing sights and learn your amazing skills.

But they cannot hear you. There's so much energy and life at the river, and it's where they know to quench their thirst.

For the few who can hear you, they don't trust you enough to make the journey up there. If they did trust you, they would even bring some friends.

Since you really want to help people, why not come down the mountain, and join them by the riverside?

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Deceptive $ Values in Training/Coaching Programs
Deceptive $ Values in Training/Coaching Programs

Someone asked me to take a look at the sales page of an upcoming business training program. She was tempted to register for it.

As I read the web page, I saw a red flag:

The hyped-up $ value of each piece of the program... totaling $12,000!... but the program was "only" $997!

(Another red-flag: using psychological pricing triggers such as 7's and 9's to make the actual amount appear less.)


Module 1 -- Learn how to NEVER again sell, yet have an abundance of clients knocking down your door! -- Value $1,500

Module 2 -- Discover how to truly visualize what you want and have it appear in your life INSTANTLY! -- Value $3,500

Module 3 -- Finally understand the power of mind control over other people, using hyped up values like this page, to short-circuit people's rational minds! -- Value $7,000

TOTAL VALUE: $12,000

CURRENT PRICE: $997 (yes, less than $1,000!)

On the real sales page, there were more modules/features, but the idea is that they used these hyped up dollar figures to juxtapose the actual price of the program, to make it *seem like* such a great deal.


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My book is being published on July 17, 2017.

I'm looking for a commitment from a few people who are willing to buy the Kindle book on Amazon (will be approx $5) and write an honest review during the first week (from July 17 - July 23). To do this ethically, I cannot compensate you in any way for this action, so please reply and say Yes if you are genuinely interested in the book's topic: Authentic Content Marketing: Build an Engaged Audience for Your Personal Brand through Integrity & Generosity.

Thank you!
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I wish you authentic marketing, deeper positive impact, and true livelihood 💛

~ George Kao

Since 2009, George Kao has given workshops and coached many people into growing their marketing authentically, and building their true livelihood. 

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