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  • Create for just 1 Caring Person

    Many of the blocks to creating content can be solved by one mindset shift:

    Make your content for just 1 person at a time.

    Don’t write for “the world”.

    Don’t make videos for “your audience.”

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  • The Social Dilemma: Should We Be Using Social Media?

    A popular documentary this year: The Social Dilemma.

    It bashes social media platforms such as Facebook for creating technology addiction and using our data to manipulate us.

    Here are my thoughts about it…

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  • The 3 Stages of Content Creation

    This is how I think about the content creation process, whether it's writing an article, making videos, or creating online courses or books:

    Stage 1 -- Casual, Exploratory, Prolific

    Stage 2 -- Improve what's working & distribute it further

    Stage 3 -- Integrate and Productize

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  • Next Week: The Netcaring Course

    The way that "networking" has been taught can feel disingenuous... transactional rather than relational.

    Netcaring, on the other hand, is about fostering genuine relationships with people you like and wish to support... and finding ways to collaborate that bring joy and value to both.

    You're already doing this occasionally, but you might not think of your friends as "your network".

    This course will give you a structure and rhythm to keep in touch more consistently, and with more people, so that your business can grow organically.

    Info and registration here.
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~ George Kao

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