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Overcoming resistance to creating content
A method to overcome resistance to creating content...

If you're not creating content consistently, perhaps you're limited by one of these 3 beliefs:

"Who am I to write, or make videos?" (identity problem)

"I don't have that much to say." (ideas problem)

"I'm not a good writer / I'm not good on videos." (image problem)

All three problems can be solved by one mindset shift:

Make content for 1 person at a time.

If you are feeling resistant, then don’t write for “the world” and don’t write for “your audience.” You’re probably experiencing performance anxiety.

Instead, write / make video for 1 person you know, that you feel comfortable talking to, who likes your ideas. Examples: a client, a friend, a kindred spirit colleague, or one of your biggest fans.

Create your next piece of content for that one person. In your content, don’t mention their name or any identifying characteristics, to protect their privacy.

After you’ve written it for them, or made the video for them, *then* you post it on your social media so that it can also help more people who are like them.

And send the link to that 1 person with a personal note… something like “I was thinking of our conversation and made this… let me know if it’s helpful.”

Several benefits arise from this...

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Authentic Marketing = More Transparency, More Care
Authentic Marketing is simple: more transparency, more care.

You signed up for a “free” webinar that is supposed to give you some wonderful education, and then you get emails afterwards trying to sell you other stuff. You didn’t expect it.

You take a “quiz” to learn something important about yourself, and end up having to give your email address at the end to see your results (which you didn’t expect you had to do), and then they start sending emails to sell you stuff. You didn’t expect that either.

That’s the main concern I have with how “sales funnels” (aka traffic & conversion funnels, lead funnels, etc) are taught. It’s the lack of transparency between *what is suggested* to the prospective client, and the sales tactics that he/she *actually* experiences.

(I am concerned with any sales tactic that the prospective client doesn’t expect and enjoy. To sustain and thrive, a business does not need to do any of that. Truly.)

Don’t give the prospective client a sales experience they didn’t expect nor will they likely enjoy. If they didn’t sign up for it, don’t do it. Otherwise, you are eroding trust with the great majority of your prospects, even if you “successfully” convert a small minority in the short term.

Since there are so many humans online, a marketer can in fact use a churn-and-burn salesy funnel strategy for years, before running out of people to burn. But they will be on the wrong side of history, and they’ll probably have to start over and build a real, trustworthy brand in order to sustain their business -- and their conscience.

Sales funnels are carefully designed by the marketer who is trying to control the buying behavior of the customer.

You might say: isn’t that what marketing and sales is? Persuasion, hypnotism, controlling the mind & emotions of the prospective customer... manipulation them as long as it’s in *their* best interest?

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Getting over my perfectionism
Getting over my perfectionism... so I could write & publish my book...

My book is finally available!

Truth be told, I thought I wouldn't publish for a few more years...

I had to get over my perfectionism.

Years ago, I thought that I would only publish after I ‘finally” got complete clarity about my life purpose, and once my business niche got really dialed in, and had many client case studies to share.

Yet in the past few years, I've come to realize the following...

* Clarity about one’s Life Purpose is an ongoing thing... you might get occasional flashes of insight that build your confidence about your purpose over time, but I believe we are called to do what we know now, in the moment. A wise mentor said to me years ago that real clarity about Life Purpose is only possible by looking backwards, and putting the pieces together later. By contrast, the future is a mystery, and we simply do what we know to be true and helpful now, no matter how small the action seems. Over time, purpose will unveil itself.

* Figuring out your business niche is also an ongoing thing... it's not that one day you "finally" get your niche right. In my experience, it's more of a continually-developing clarity that actually has no end point. So if you wait to get your purpose & niche "right", you will be waiting forever. The truth is that you are forever in a state of evolving, and so is society, and so therefore your "niche" is a journey, not a destination.

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Simple and organic sales funnel
Keeping your "Sales Funnel" simple and organic...

A lot of solopreneurs are getting indoctrinated by digital marketers into believing that they too need a complex "sales funnel".

Such funnels can include “tripwires" (low-price offerings that trigger a funnel system to automatically upselling the customer), or score-based "if then" targeting (if they don't buy it, automatically follow up X number of times until they do), and other forceful tactics.

The traffic and conversion funnel idea is based on persuasion psychology (can you believe they actually use the term "indoctrination"), as well as "lifetime customer value" calculations (so that you end up relating to your people always with $ in mind), and a very analytical-control-ego mentality that suffocates a true, heart-based relationship with one's audience.

With funnel obsession, you see everyone in your audience as either potential $$... or if they don’t turn into money, they are considered useless "funnel leaks" and taking up unnecessary resources.

You are supposed to force your audience through a carefully designed (highly contrived) system of messaging and buying, as if they are lemmings… all supposedly for “their own good”... and for your own profit.


Let us boycott these funnel/pipeline teachings that are turning us into profit-driven automatons, and squeezing the heart right out of business.

Instead, can we relate to our audience as soulful people, whom we want to truly connect with, uplift, help, and befriend?

Can we please keep our “sales funnel” (if you still want to use that language) as simple and organic as possible?

As solopreneurs, we need less complexity in our business… and more heart. In fact, this is what sets us apart from faceless corporations.

Here is an example of a simple, transformational pathway for your audience:

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What it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur
What it Takes to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

If you are trying to build a business, there are 3 discouragements/illusions to be aware of -- and transform within so that these don't hold you back. I see too many entrepreneurs "fail" (quitting way too soon) because of these...

1: Comparing your early results to others' advanced results...

You post about your business on social media and get 0 likes. A niche mate (someone else in your industry) posts about their business, and they get 25 likes.

You get discouraged... thinking there must be something wrong with how you're doing it, or maybe you have bad luck.

Of course, there are always ways you can improve. For example, nothing I post is ever perfect... I always see lots of room for improvement -- but I post it imperfectly anyway, and just move onto the next thing.

Sure, there is always luck involved... but sometimes *you* will be the lucky one. So, don't worry about luck or timing. Just do your thing often enough, and you *will* encounter luck sometimes.

The "secret" here is that *you don't see* everything your niche mate has done, that has led him up to this point of being able to get the results that he's getting. You don't see the hours, weeks, years of posting content that led him to have an audience that trusts him. You don't see the private conversations he's had with many potential clients, audience members, colleagues, where he has helped them out, to build those relationships, so that he can have those results today.

You only see the current result, and you think "How come they have it so easy, and it's so hard for me?"

You are forgetting that it takes a lot of work, relationship building, and a lot of great content (which takes time to get great at) before you can have authentically good results that are lasting and sustainable.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Only compare your current results to your results last month, last year.

Are you improving your own skills, strategies, and joyful productivity? That is what matters most.

Look at your own progress. There is no need for discouragement. Any "failure" is only redirection, not a signal to quit. You have to experience many "failures" to get to success.

Since you don't know how many "mistakes" (redirections!) are required, get through them as quickly and lightly as you can. Don't wallow in discouragement; don't dwell on negativity. Learn from the past, yes, to redirect yourself more wisely forward. Look ahead to possibility. Success is in front of you.


2: Entrepreneurship is not like having a baby -- it is tossing paper airplanes...

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Since 2009, George Kao has given workshops and coached many people into growing their marketing authentically, and building their true livelihood. 

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