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  • 10 Year Plan for Authentic Business

    Here is a plan to help you create a business that expresses your soul — and allows you to have a semi-retirement lifestyle.

    ​What’s possible with this plan:

    By year 2: Part-time income, providing your authentic service.
    By year 4: Full-time income, with 1–1 and group offerings.
    By year 10: Full & somewhat passive income, allowing for semi-retirement, and being one of the best in your field.

    Although this is called a 10-Year Plan, you might be able to speed everything up, depending on how effectively you implement this... 

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  • Hold lightly to your professional title and description

    I’ve seen so many people get stuck about how to come up with the perfect professional title or succinct description of their work.

    Here’s the secret:

    It’s mostly a vanity exercise, unless you come up with a brilliant brand name, but that can take a lot of time. You can simply let it surface organically. If you keep waiting for that perfect name before you start your marketing, you might just go out of business.

    You don’t need a perfect title or short description to start getting clients... 

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  • Your business numbers are perfect right now... 

    My experience with a failed launch taught me something deeply important...

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  • New course begins next week -- Digital Decluttering

    It’s such a different experience -- calming, empowering, even beautiful -- when your computer desktop is clean… (imagine that!)... your email inbox is clean… and you know exactly where to put every digital file, in a clutter-free way, that’s easy to find later!

    Enter the Google Drive suite of tools. This is the class where I teach you how I use it in the context of my business.

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