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Doing your work from a deep wellbeing and joy

Do Your Work from an Inner Spark of Joy

Today, your work, your tasks, are not your top priority.

Your State is your Top Priority.

How are you being, as you go about doing your tasks and your work?

Are you harried, anxious, and “just want to get it done”?

The quality of your work tends to match the quality of your being.

And, given that none of us have any guarantees of the results of our work — we can only control whether we do the work, and how we do it —why not do your work from joy… instead of anxiety, frustration, or boredom?

Why do we allow the quality of our life to be infused with negative feelings?

Your state is your top priority, because the only thing you can truly control is your inner life.

The quality of your life arises from the quality of your being.

The quality of your being arises from the quality of your daily practice.

Today, practice tapping into the spark of joy within you, and from there, do your work.

If you want some level of material comfort, you cannot escape from work.

Since your work must be done, the only thing left in your control is how you do the work.

You are working towards a better future, for your life, for your family, for the world, doing your best to make that happen. Yet, you have no guarantee your work today will actually contribute to that.

What you can dramatically control is how you feel as you do your work.

You are always practicing how you do your work. Most of us are never taught how to practice well. We’re only taught to “work hard” which we imagine to be something like having a scowl on our face, tense shoulders, short shallow breaths, and inner suffering.

In other words, “Hustle!”

And that is what we have been practicing for years.

No wonder so many of us yearn for easy money, easy work, easy life, even though we know that to be a shallow illusion that doesn’t add value to the world or to our own growth.

We need to do real work, deep work, to really contribute to our world and our own lives. There are real problems, deep problems that are calling out to us for our contribution.

And yet, we are afraid because we have been practicing “working hard” (a.k.a. inner suffering) all our lives, and we recoil from it. We want to avoid it.

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Develop and intense desire for money? Think and Grow Rich?

Develop an intense desire for money?
Think and Grow Rich?

A viewer on my youtube channel asked:

Curious if you’ve ever read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I’ve always enjoyed the book, but am a bit conflicted with their advice of working yourself up into a white heat of desire for money…


As a teenager, I tried to read Think and Grow Rich. And again, post-college. Each time, I don’t think I got past the first few chapters.

The strength of the book is its simplistic path to financial wealth, illustrated by inspirational examples. Each time, I got so inspired by the 2nd chapter that I tried for a few months afterwards to follow its principles and suggestions.

Maybe because I never finished the book, I didn’t find it helpful to reach my financial goals. However, the first 2 chapters did get me incredibly focused on a specific money goal. As I look back, I see that it choked my creativity, in terms of adding real value to others.

I became hyper-focused on the transaction of exchanging a product/service so that I can get the money.

If you’re curious, you can download a free copy of Think and Grow Rich:…

I’ll share with you my thoughts on what may be the most famous part of the book — Chapter 2, about 2–3 pages in, where it lists:

The 6 steps to manifesting money:

1. The first step is to fixate your mind on an exact amount of money that you want.

This should already be a red flag. Any kind of mental fixation will turn you into a single-drive robot that knows only to get to the goal “by any means necessary” no matter how it damages one’s health, one’s relationships, and one’s environment.

What we need in our complex world today, and for our own mental health, is flexibility of the mind, not fixation on any one goal.

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Why I put my content into the Creative Commons

Why I put my content into the Creative Commons

I used to be afraid of people sharing my paid courses forward, without their friends paying for it.

I would try to lock down my content, putting it into password-protected membership sites, and being *very obvious* that people were committing theft if they shared my paid content without their friends paying for it.

One day, I realized that those who are going to share my paid content with their friends, are going to find ways of doing it that I cannot prevent.

More importantly:

Every ounce of energy that I put towards *fear* of theft/piracy, was energy taken away from being more creative, making more and better content.

I realized that the primary thought underneath the fear of content theft is this:

I am a limited creator. I’m able to produce very few worthwhile things, so I better protect it.

This is a lie whispered by our egos, and perhaps by those who raised and educated us.

The truth I believe is that You are an unlimited genius in your field of expertise and passions.

If you have the energy for a topic, you have the potential to generate unlimited ideas. It is a muscle that you can grow. Once you do, you’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with. Today, I have many, many more video/blog ideas than I have time to create.

If you need help growing your Ideas/Creativity muscle, consider practicing the “idea machine”. See here:…/how-to-become-an-idea-machine-that-can…

Unlimited Creativity is what no one can take or steal from you. When you are in the mindset of “protecting content” you might be unknowingly stifling your creativity.

(Physical items, on the other hand, are by its very nature limited, and it makes sense to be cautious there. Not to be in “fear” -- but to be wise about protecting a limited resource.)

Once I fully put my attention to creating more and better content, rather than protecting, I also started to attract more loyal clients, students, fans. These wonderful audience members were more likely to care about my business’s well-being, and therefore less likely to pirate my content, more likely to encourage friends to buy my products/services. You can generate the same kind of goodwill when you liberate your content creativity and generosity.

Negativity tends to draw more negativity. Fear of content theft? It tends to attract content theft.

There’s no need to fear its theft: Content and creativity are unlimited.

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One of my productivity secrets? Virtual Co-working

One of  my productivity secrets? "Virtual Co-working"

(It's only a "secret" in that most people haven't tried it!)

This is where I arrange with someone to meet online for an hour, and during that time, each of us will work on our own projects. We don't have to understand each other's work. We simply have to show up and commit to do focus on our own work during that session.

It is strangely effective. If you haven't yet, I highly recommend trying it.

Especially if you find yourself easily distracted, or procrastinating on an important project, doing some virtual co-working can help you make real progress.

Here's how I arrange my virtual co-working sessions:

1. Go to -- sign up and schedule one or more sessions there.

2. Be sure to add a reminder for yourself, e.g. add it to your own calendar or set an alarm for yourself. Show up on time. It's acceptable on Focusmate to be late for only up to 3 minutes.

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♕ ✦ —• Symbols for Social Media• — ☮✌

Here's is a long list of the most common symbols ❖ ❦ ✶ ➠ to make your social media posts look a little more interesting!

Unlike emoji's, these symbols will look the same on every browser and device:

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