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You are your most important client
You are your most important client... What happens when you don't keep your appointments?

Let's say you've scheduled with yourself to work on an important project.

The "appointment" passes, and you didn't work on it like you planned to.

The three most common reactions:

1. Ignoring the fact that it came and pass

2. Self-blame for having failed to follow your calendar

3. Or if you keep the appointment, suffering through it

None of these are healthy responses. Let's talk about each, and then I'll share my recommendations.

IGNORING appointments with yourself:

Each time you schedule to work on something, but then you ignore it when the time comes, you are practicing self-disrespect.

You know the project matters, and you planned to do it at this time. It's a subtle commitment or promise to yourself... which you then break. You wouldn't schedule with a client, and then just ignore the appointment, right?

Wake up to this fact: You are your most important client.

Nobody else's career, health, relationships, life, has a more powerful effect on *your ability* to experience life to its fullest, to fulfill your mission, to serve the world with your unique light and valuable experiences. You are your most important client. So why would you make an appointment with such a client and skip it?

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A higher meaning in each moment of work
Layering a Higher Meaning onto Your Work -- Can Help You Make Progress

Layer a higher meaning into your day, especially when you are doing a task that is "hard" for you...

What's stopping you from making more progress in your business?

Honestly, it is probably not “more” knowledge, training, or ideas.

The greatest obstacle I've seen is fear.

Fear of making a mistake.
Fear of looking bad to others (or to yourself.)
Fear of rejection.
Fear of discouragement.
Fear of tedious work.

There's a mistaken perspective that causes your fear. You think that the result matters a lot. You think that this moment is about the project you’re working on. You are afraid of not having this project be easier, or not getting the hoped-for result.

The mistake is that you've temporarily forgot that there's a higher (or deeper) meaning to *every single moment* of work… indeed every moment of life.

The truest meaning of this moment is not whether you get the results, or whether you’ll look good, or have it easy.

It's something else.

What is that deeper meaning? It depends on your life philosophy.

I welcome you to comment below with your answer to this question:

"What is the deeper/higher meaning of each moment, that is far more important, than what's apparent on the surface?"

I'll share with you 3 life philosophies -- theistic, non-theistic, and atheistic -- perhaps you will resonate with one of them:

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Building an authentic email list
Align Your Marketing Mantra with Your Higher Values

Become more conscious about what kind of marketing you're doing...

To do marketing consciously, with awareness of how our actions are impacting others as well as our own souls, it's helpful to look at the metaphors we are using, as we do our marketing.

Let's look at the typical metaphors:

Marketing is War. You are waging a "campaign" to "crush" the competition, "undercut" them with lower prices, and "dominate" market share.

Marketing is Hunting. You are "baiting" your "target" audience into "capturing" their email address. As they buy a low price item, it is a "tripwire" that “triggers” your marketing funnel to selling them more... hopefully you'll "make a killing!"

Marketing is Religion. Structure your content to "indoctrinate" your new "followers" into your worldview, and eventually "convert" them into buyers. Ideally, you’ll have control over them when you become their "guru". (Note: This is why I never want to become anyone's guru...)

Marketing is Science. Each piece of your content is an "experiment" to "test" the market for their "reactions" so you can keep adjusting for more "predictable results". Don't get emotional about the ups or the downs. Stay objective.

Marketing is Dating. Just like it would be inappropriate to ask someone to marry you the first time you meet them, you don't ask your potential client to buy your big service package when they're just getting to know you. Ease them in, as you would in dating, through content and low-priced offers first.

If you've been reading some of my posts, you'll notice that I have indeed used the "science" and "dating" metaphors. I like them better than War, Hunting, or Religion! 

The newest one that I'm playing with is that Marketing is Friendship.

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Break the pattern of delay
Break the Pattern of Delay... Take small steps towards your vision now

I've noticed a common thought-pattern that really slows down someone's business progress:

Before I...
....take the next real step in my business...
I need to *first* do...
...some preparatory action...
So that I'll feel more ready/confident to move forward...

This is a dangerous train of thought, because "preparation" always sounds logical... until you wake up to the fact that you can be in preparation mode for the remainder of your life.

Some ways that "preparation" mode shows up:

(1) "I just need to get this one more training, this one other certification... then I'll be ready."

Truth? There will always be yet another training or certification being sold to you, that you "must" take if you are to feel confident or finally ready.

This is what marketers tend to do: create gaps in your mind, the fear of missing out, or the fear of failure or being embarrassed if you don't buy their thing.

When marketers are in their own fear, they tend to pass the fear onto their audience.

The unfortunate thing is that it *does* work to make some short-term sales, so the marketer thinks, "aha! this is a successful strategy" and the buyer/student feels "Yes, just this one more training will make me feel ready!" In reality, it's a lose-lose for both parties long-term.

(2) "I need to fully update my website... then I'll be ready to share about my business, create and distribute content, reach out for promotional partners, do my launch, etc..."

Truth? No matter how much time and money you spend on it, you will always feel that your website can be improved.

Unless you're getting consistent comments from caring people about a *specific* thing that you must change on your website, it is better to look at your website as a work-in-progress-forever, and just keep making small improvements even as you take real action to market your business.

There are plenty of things I could do to improve my website, but I just keep sharing content, sending newsletters, reaching out for potential promotional partners, doing launches, etc.... and just gradually make improvements to my website over time.

(3) "I need to first develop a fool-proof clarity about my framework & methodology... then I can create and share content with the world. I don't want to embarrass myself by having to publicly revise my ideas later."

Truth? The Truth (even about your modality) is not something you'll ever be able to fully understand and comprehensively describe in this lifetime.

New understandings will ever be unfolding, and therefore, revisions of previous knowledge are inevitable.

Trying to get to "the right idea" before you start publicly sharing your knowledge means that you will be in preparation mode for the rest of your life.

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Visualizing the process, not just the outcome
Be a Big Picture Perfectionist

Today, be a Perfectionist.

Not the type that focuses on details that don't really matter.

Not the perfectionism that blocks you from moving forward.

Instead, be a Big Picture Perfectionist:

1. Know all the meanderings from your explorations, all the mis-steps and missed steps, all the doubt and delays, all the "failures" you've had, are all part of a Perfect Process you had to go through...

2. And going forward, all of the "mistakes" and missed-takes you might experience, are also part of that Perfect Process.

3. Behind it all, there is a Plan that you'll one day be able to appreciate. It is deeply beautiful.

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