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5 Ways to Channel Impatience Energy into Useful Actions
5 Ways to Channel Impatience into Useful Actions

When you feel impatient about your business... wondering why it's taking so long, why you can't get "there" faster... here's what to do: channel that energy of impatience into something useful. I offer you 5 useful actions below.

You and I are immersed in a cultural environment where marketers are selling us on how EASY it is supposed to be, to create or grow a passion-based income. "With my system, there's no selling involved!" "A fool-proof process to make a six-figure passive income!" "Simply follow my formula for getting 100,000 instagram followers!"

No wonder we are impatient, if we are consuming their emails and social media posts.

Additionally, when someone is successful doing what they do, they usually make it look easy. And so we think it's supposed to be easy for us.

What we aren't seeing are their dozens of failures, the years of things not really working out, the persistence that was required.

Don't believe it when someone says that making money doing what you love is supposed to be *quick or easy.* Having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, I can tell you that it is neither quick nor easy.

On the other hand, the journey *itself* can be joyful ... and that depends on your inner practice e.g. mindfulness, or a daily reconnection to your joyful Source.

A life of meaning isn't meant to be convenient, comfortable, or easy all the time. To grow meaningfully is a struggle. But with practice, with a connection to your higher self, it can even be an "enjoyable" struggle. With practice, you can enlighten and in-joy any moment.

So today, or tomorrow, when you are impatient -- "Why is this taking so long?" -- come back to your inner practice, first of all.

Then, channel that impatience into useful activity.

Here are 5 useful actions, for whenever you are impatient--

1. Create another piece of content now. Know that every piece you put out there is like depositing money in your bank, and growing compound interest because it's another piece that allows your ideal audience to find you, or to share your work forward. More importantly, every piece of content you create further develops your thoughts, your voice, and your courage. In other words, to get results, you have to get better, and to get better, you have to make more stuff and get feedback on it.

2. Message a current client to see how they are doing, re: the recent conversation or email thread you had with them. They will appreciate your thoughtful check-in.

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You are your most important client
3 Step Process for Authentic Business

In your business, should you:

Do what you love?
Offer what the market wants?

The answer is not that easy... because the two options are often not aligned, but to stay in business and actually enjoy it, it's got to be somewhere in between the two.

Here's an ideal process:


Do what you love in your business.

Talk about you passion, something you would love to create a business with. Since it's your passion, you are naturally energized to talk about it.

Online, that’s called “creating content.” It can be your writing, your videos, your images, your audio, and also, the links and content you curate (gather and share) from other sources.

As you share your passion with others, you’ll find kindred spirits to connect and talk about your passion. You’ll also be educating the general public so that more people can discover the thing you’re passionate about.

The larger of a platform you use (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Medium), the more truly YOU you can be, and yet, there will still be *lots* of people interested in who you authentically are.

The smaller the platform -- for example, a tiny local village -- the more you have to try to please everyone unless you want to become isolated. This is the beauty of the internet -- it is an enormous, almost unlimited, collection of many villages of every style and belief. You can be authentically yourself, gather kindred spirits, and create your own village.


As you share your passionate content online, eventually you’ll gather some loyal readers or viewers. These are people who consistently follow your content, your fans, and may also be commenting/engaging on your stuff, and perhaps even sharing it forward.

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A Shift in Perspective
A Shift in Perspective...

...that resulted in a complete change in how I do business.

This is what you typically see in content/trainings about business and marketing:

Get more fans ~ boost your likes ~ build your email list ~ get new clients ~ make more money!

The marketers don’t see any other way of attracting customers like you, except appealing to your selfish motive...

I understand, because I used to be that way.

However, a couple years ago, I underwent a shift in spiritual perspective...

I came to see that we are all deeply, and forever, taken care of… and that is a greater reality that none of us can screw up. No matter what we do, no matter how unskillful we've lived life, it is eventually going to work out amazingly well for you... and for me... for everyone. (Not necessarily in this physical life... but in the long term of our soul/consciousness, which we will experience with absolute clarity and power, this life is but a blip.)

The true life of our consciousness, which I believe all of us will individually experience, it is a life of profound joy, complete peace, unlimited creativity, total well-being, perfect connectedness, unconditional love, far beyond what our words can describe.

As a result of this realization, there was also a profound transformation in my business priorities:

1. The primary questions used to be:

“What’s in it for me?”

“How do I build a business of my dreams?”

2. The secondary questions therefore had to be:

“How can I get more fans, more clients, more money?”

“What skills do I need to learn, to get others to buy my stuff?”

3. The tertiary question (which I made public, to look good) was:

“Therefore, how do I create content that is engaging for you?

“What product/service do I make that, you would buy?”

After my personal shift, there was also a shift in business...

*1.* Now, the primary question / purpose became: “How can I be of more use to others, to you? How can I help you, in a way that you feel is truly helpful?”

*2.* And then, the secondary question became: “Therefore, what product/service do I need to create, to serve the primary purpose of helping you? What kind of content would be best to create that you’ll find useful? What type of marketing do I do, that truly serves you, no matter when or whether you buy?”

*3.* And then, the tertiary question became: “How do I structure my business, pricing, boundaries, schedule, to be sustainable as a business?”

My order of purpose, priorities, questions... became upside down.

Originally it was all about “me first”.

Now, it became “whatever is good for the whole, first.”

Or maybe a different way of saying it is that it shifted from ego-centered, to heart-centered.

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Break the pattern of delay
Be mindful of your Body Posture and Facial Expression

When you're working at the computer, be mindful of your body posture and facial expression...

When you are working, especially at the computer, are you aware of your facial expression, your body posture, your breathing?

The more challenging a project, the more people’s faces get tense, even becoming a scowl. This doesn't help to do better work. It just creates more tension and stress in one’s system.

A practice that I've been doing for years is what I call "calm joyful focus", which is to practice becoming conscious, throughout the day, of my body expression as I work, especially my face.

Instead of furrowed eyebrows and pursed lips, I consciously relax my face, and hold a soft, gentle smile. (In the attached video I demonstrate.)

I also notice my body posture, especially my shoulders (is it tense? relax them), my neck (is it stiff? make it a bit more flexible by moving my head a bit), and my breathing (take a deep breath now.)

In this more relaxed yet focused state, I do better work, because I'm more able to bring forth an energy of positivity and possibility, and prevent the onslaught of frustration and burnout.

As you work today, try to become conscious of your body posture at random moments, perhaps every 10-20 minutes if possible, and:

* Practice a calm, smiling face
* Breathe deeply as you become conscious
* Relax your shoulders
* Keep your neck flexible, instead of stiff

This will allow you to sustain better bodily health as you work, and give your work a more joyful energy.

An example I think of is a martial arts master, especially a black belt in Aikido.

In Aikido, they *divert* an opponent’s force (rather than push directly against it) and as a result, the opponent falls naturally, with little effort from the Aikido master. You can see an example in the attached video at 2:18.

You’ll also notice that a martial arts master calmly faces an opponent, rather than in Hollywood movies they might yell or have an fierce look on their face. In real life, whether they are practicing or fighting, the masters maintain a calm, joyful focus. See the example in the attached video at 4:30.

Besides body posture and facial expression, another important aspect of Calm, Joyful Focus is *where* the focus is: is it on the result, or on the process?

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A Good First Impression
A Good First Impression?

A lesson I've been learning throughout my life -- especially in business -- is to let go of the need to make a "good first impression."

For example, this may be the first post you ever see from me. Maybe you don't like it. It might be making a poor first impression on you.

Should I be afraid to lose you as a potential reader?

If I gave into the fear, I might never write blog posts... there's too many people I could disappoint and readers I could "lose", if I don't make a good first impression.

Here's the fallacy of thinking:

1. Publish something less than optimal.

2. Lose readers forever.

Gratefully, reality works more like this...

1. Publish something.

2. Your audience will tell you whether it's good or not.

3. If it's not good, yes you may lose a few readers for awhile...

4. Yet if you keep publishing, you will learn from audience feedback, and you'll be able to make your content truly better.

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