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Issue #04
July 2010
From the Editor
Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>

Hello and welcome to our fourth issue! Wishing you all getting well along your lives! Love isn’t enough and care you must. That is what I learnt from watching this popular YouTube video which shows a lion hugging a woman who cared for him while he was wounded. One can hardly remain untouched watching such a phenomenon. And caring reminds us of the need to care for those African children who are left orphan due to the death of their parents by AIDS. Sister Mary Elizabth’s book AIDS Orphans Rising  tells us more about them and how we can help them.

Wishing you a cool summer as the dog days are on, I hope you enjoy the contents of this issue. Feel free to write back.
Happy Reading!
Ernest Dempsey, Associate Editor
GP News
  • The fourth issue of Recovering the Self is back from the presses and RTS is now one year old. To see RTS birthday cake and the latest issue, visit www.RecoveringSelf.com. RTS premier issue (September 2009) is now available as an Amazon eBook.  We hope to get all the back issues in ebook format soon!
  • Cassie Piercey’s article Hooked on a good thing: When exercise becomes addictive informs us on an important issue namely stressful addiction to exercise.

Golden Guide: 10 Tips on Writing for Healing by Diana Raab
Diana M. Raab, RN, MFA, is an essayist, memoirist, and poet who teaches in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and is a frequent lecturer and workshop leader at conferences and festivals across the country. Enjoy and benefit from her tips on writing for healing

  • Find a quiet, uninterrupted time and place to write
  • Choose an inspiring notebook and pen
  • Create a centering ritual (light a candle, meditate, play music, stretch)
  • Breathe deeply
  • Put aside your inner critic
  • Date your entry
  • Begin by writing your feelings and sensations
  • Write nonstop for 15-20 minutes
  • Save what you have written
  • Write regularly
  More about Diana Raab can be learnt at her website  and blog pages.

Author Chat
  • Dr. Barbara Sinor was interviewed by Cathy B. Stucker of “Selling Books”about Dr. Sinor’s latest book Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery (Modern History Press, 2010). Read Barbara Sinor’s interview online
  • Authors among us should listen to Web media and book publicist expert Jamie Saloff on common pitfalls of author and book websites and simple, easy, and inexpensive ways to get more conversions from your web hits into book sales. Listen to it at Authors Access.
  • Dr. Karen Sherman, author of Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life, 2nd Edition was interviewed on Women's Radio about how mindfulness can improve the quality of your life, love, relationships, workplace, and family environments.  Listen to it at Women's Radio.

New Reviews!
  • "Marian K. Volkman has written and illustrated a beautifully imaginative scenario with Turtle Dolphin Dreams. Whimsical and thought-provoking, inspiring in it's creative message...  The reader is taken through metaphysical voyages of delight, a balance of nature, while remaining earthbound but connected. A truly unique book with several messages presented, a journey worth taking."  Read the full review here by Betty Gelean for ReviewTheBook.com
  • "I can’t say enough about Look Before You Leap:  A Premarital Guide for Couples. I loved it! Having been married for six years, I was able to fully review how helpful this guide would be to those who have not yet been married. The questions and quizzes are full of legitimate information and questions that should be discussed when thinking of marriage. The author brings many good suggestions and helpful advice to the table. I feel the author was very real, in that she didn’t make this guide condemn anyone. She is realistic in her approach to the issues couples face today."  Read the full review here.   Tiffany Schlarman for ReviewTheBook.com
Hot Off The Press
This past month we've had a huge burst of activity in releasing new titles which will mean a lot of great new books over the Summer of 2010.  A few of our most recent arrivals are:
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Till our next issue, have a great time!

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