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A weekly briefing on movements and moments in autonomous technology
June 20, 2017
Fast Facts
Electricity demand in the U.S. will increase by 18% by 2030 as a result in the growth of electric vehicles | RethinkX
28% of car trips are a mile or less | Governors Highway Safety Association
Autonomous vehicles will create a massive economic opportunity that will scale from $800 billion in 2035 to $7 trillion by 2050 | Intel
Top Stories this Week
CEO Tim Cook elaborates on Apple's autonomous ambitions for the first time, saying the company is focused on 'autonomous systems'. Apple had initially pursued development of its own car under the banner Project Titan, before recalibrating its efforts. In an interview, Cook alludes to broader applications of autonomous technology, not strictly limited to mobility.
GM’s Cruise Automation wades into high definition mapping to aid its autonomous-car efforts. The company is taking advantage of OnStar technology deployed on existing vehicles to help create maps that describe roadways to centimeter accuracy, critical for helping autonomous vehicles stay on path. GM acquired Cruise in mid-2016 for over $1 billion and recently announced a rollout of the world's largest autonomous vehicle fleet.
Major automotive supplier Bosch is building a $1.1B plant for self-driving car chips. Bosch supplies a number of components to automakers, from ignition systems to brakes. In extending its semiconductor manufacturing capacity, the company is seeking to strengthen its competitiveness in a future characterized by increasing connectivity and automation. The company is also engaged in various partnerships, including with Daimler, to advance autonomous mobility.
Additional Perspectives
Something Fun
[WATCH] The year is 1911, and while most were still being introduced to driving in an automobile, some were already dreaming of a world in which automobiles drove themselves. The Automatic Motorist, a British short film, captures the wonders and perils of a far off future that we today may be fortunate enough to witness.
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