Welcome to the first edition of the Thames CrossFit newsletter.  It's designed to give you a regular update on the happenings at the gym, and let you know of upcoming events or changes.  You are receiving this if you are a member or have expressed an interest in Thames CrossFit.  You can opt out by clicking
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New Class times/policies

All the changes below are from 6th April

New Classes - From 6th April, we will be open daily Mon-Fri from 7-8am and 6-7pm, and 7-8pm (NEW!). 
Programming - Programming will now run Sun-Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri
Skills day - Wednesday will be an open gym/skills day or a chance to make up a missed WOD.
Booking in - We request that all members book in their weekly classes by Sunday of the previous week.  You can do this by
emailing us at  We are doing this to ensure our class sizes stay small and everyone gets the right amount of attention.  If you plan on attending the same classes every week, just send us an email of your regular times for the month. Classes are first come first served, and will be limiited to 8 per class, so book them ASAP.
Sign in - Please sign in at each class using the sign-up sheet on the front wall

Elements class

The elements class is now open to everyone!  If you have a skill you'd like to work on, or something you've never gotten around to learning, check the schedule of elements and drop by.  The elements classes are smaller and focus more on skills than the regular classes.  The elements schedule will be posted in the gym, and website (soon).

Easter Monday Park WOD

Now that the sun is out (sometimes), we're getting outside!  We'll be meeting at 4pm Monday April 5th in Greenwich park for an Easter Monday Park WOD, followed by food/drink.  We're working on something special for this one, so don't miss it!

Free weekly WOD

Starting the week of 5th April, we are offering a free weekly WOD every Wednesday and Sunday.  The Wednesday WOD will be in the gym at 7pm and will be an intro session for people new to CrossFit.  The Sunday WOD will be in a park around the city, and will be open to anyone (but scaled for each individual). 


Monthly dues for NEW members are going up, and more membership options will be available.  All current members (including elements members) will continue paying the old dues provided they remain continuous members.   Please check this page for more information.  Important!  If you have previously contacted us and are thinking about signing up, you have until April 30th to sign up at the old rate.

Other items

T-shirts - We're planning an order for our first branded T-shirts on Tuesday of this week.  If you're interested and you'd like a particular size, please let us know.  Pricing is not final, but we anticipate they will be between 15-18 pounds.

Katy's hand jam - If you've talked to Josh at all in the last 2 months, he's no doubt told you about the benefits of Katy's hand jam.  It's a lotion you put on your hands after a WOD that does magical things to keep your hands soft and heal injuries quickly.  We've imported a very limited supply from the states, and are selling it for 5 pounds/tin.  Get it while it lasts!

Questions and customized training - If you have specific questions or movements you'd like to focus on, please grab one of us before or after class, or contact us at to schedule a free 10 min evaluation or Q/A session.  If you'd like more time, or would like us to take you through specific movements, you can schedule a 1:1 personal training session.  Pricing and more details located here.

Feedback - A tin of Katy's hand jam goes to Phil as the winner of our feedback contest this week.  Phil had lots of good things to say, but his suggestion of burpees for each non-paleo item consumed put him over the top.  Congrats Phil!  

Thanks to everyone for their feedback last week.  As you can see, a lot of it has been incorporated into our recent changes.  If anyone has any feedback they haven't shared with us, please drop us an
email or pull us aside after a WOD.  Your ideas are key to making Thames CrossFit a better gym!

Jay, Jami, and Jane


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