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Registration closes 15 July for 
WorldSkills General Assembly 2018
15-18 October in Amsterdam

Much more than a WorldSkills General Assembly...

This is your last week to reserve packages to be a part of General Assembly 2018 and Champions Forum.

The Netherlands will host the WorldSkills community in a reformatted approach to the General Assembly.

By aligning with Vision 2025, an increased participation by youth, and an enhanced Conference programme, the General Assembly aims to further connect WorldSkills Members with each other, along with the broader skills community.

Registration for the General Assembly and Champions Forum closes on 15 July. Deadline to submit names for packages is 31 August. Conference registration will remain open until full.

Registration is filling up quickly

Registration is open for Official Delegates, Technical Delegates, Technical Delegates Assistants, Champions Forum participants, and MarCom Officers of Member countries and regions until 15 July. Packages are selling quickly and there are a limited number of spaces at the remaining hotels. Package C has already been fully booked.

For the convenience of participants wishing to attend for shorter durations, we have released the option to book Dynamic Packages. These packages are an excellent option for stakeholders coming for the WorldSkills Conference, CEO NSO meeting, MarCom Working Group, or as Observers. Dynamic Packages are not available for Official and Technical Delegates.

Don’t know who will be attending from your organization? Reserve the packages and submit names prior to 31 August.

Details of all remaining packages, as well as registration, can be accessed from

Enhance opportunities for Marketing and Communications Officers

Marketing and Communications Officers from Member organizations can participate in enhanced opportunities to connect and learn from each other during General Assembly 2018:

Take part in the WorldSkills Conference, 15 – 16 October with specific sessions designed for marketing and communication specialists.

Participate in social media training with #HashtagOurStories on 17 October, to develop tools and strategies to increase social media engagement that attracts youth participants to your organization.

Attend the Marketing and Communications Working Group on Thursday, 18 October to connect with Communication Officers from other Member Organizations.

Hear the latest on the updated WorldSkills brand at the Brand Adoption meeting, on 18 October.

Meet with the Champions Trust representative for your region to learn about the initiatives they are leading to develop ongoing engagement with Champions at the national and international level.

Champions Forum

A consistent message we hear from Competitors of past Competitions is the lack of connection to the WorldSkills movement once they have completed their competition journey.

The WorldSkills Champions Forum 15-18 October 2018, Amsterdam, is designed to enhance the connection Competitors have to both their local, national, and global movement by creating ambassadors, ready to spread the WorldSkills message within their own countries.

Through a series of interactive sessions, participants will gain experience from social media innovators, on how to use social media to promote the power of skills. Building on our World Youth Skills Day initiatives, Yusuf Omar and Sumaiya Omar, co-founders of Hashtag Our Stories, will spend a full day with participants to provide deeper training. Champions will leave with tools to not only create dynamic content, but will also learn how they can share their knowledge with other Champions back home.

Member Communication Officers are invited to take part in the social media training to learn how to mobilize their Competitors to be content producers for their Member social media sites.

Young people that have experienced the benefits of the WorldSkills movement are the biggest asset we have to attract more youth to our cause. Champions Forum 2018 will help Members develop leaders who can work with you to build alumni programs that attract more youth to participate in your programs and build a stronger WorldSkills community.

Members are invited to send up to two Champions to attend. Make sure to register your spots in the Champions Forum by 15 July 2018. Registration of participants names are due 31 August.

If you have any questions, please contact Alex Musial,

WorldSkills Conference 2018

Uniting for Youth: Building networks for innovative skills solutions

For the first time, and enhanced two-day WorldSkills Conference will be held at the WorldSkills General Asssembly. On 15 and 16 October, all participants of the General Assembly along with participants from around the world will hear from TVET leaders on the future of skills.

We want you to return home full of inspiration and new ideas from The Netherlands, as well as from other Member countries, international speakers, our partners, and best practices from industry and VET colleges.  

With three distinct tracks – Inspire, Develop, and Influence – you hear from experts using innovation and networks to solve skills challenges. 

Learn about trends, new programmes, and educational systems that are changing the way skill development is done around the world, with special emphasis on The Netherlands hybrid ‘Triple Helix’ system (network of government, VET and industry).

The Conference offers a ‘pick and mix’ program with interactive meetings and sessions to allow you to customize our experience to address your organizations needs while making valuable contacts. 

Invite your partners and stakeholders to WorldSkills Conference 2018

WorldSkills events are prime networking opportunities for the larger TVET community.

We encourage you to  invite your national stakeholders to WorldSkills Conference 2018. An invitation from WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Netherlands for your stakeholders, can be accessed here.

National stakeholders could be representatives of governmental organizations, educational councils, VET colleges, universities, and industry partners in your country. Dynamic Packages are available for them to attend.

Registration for Dynamic Packages, including accommodation, will close on 15 July. Following that, Conference registration can be purchased until all tickets are sold.

Workshop Spotlight

The three building blocks for WorldSkills: Inspire, Influence and Develop are the main tracks for the Conference. Included in the programme are ten workshops with specific content focused on practical ways to address skill development challenges.
  • Future of Skills, VET and Labour market in the world, presented by Ruud Veltenaar. This workshop will elaborate on his keynote presentation on the future of skills, VET and labour markets, while coping an uncertain future. He will address how people, societies, VET, Industry and skills can react to innovations and development.
  • Changes of skill needs and the effects on jobs, industry and VET/training, presented by Glenda Quintini (OECD). How are skill needs changing and how do the changes effect jobs, industry, and training content? Discuss and share measures to cope with imbalances and help identify those skills that are in highest demand in the labour market and track changes over time.
  • Strategies to prepare VET and Youth for new jobs, presented by Prof. Dr. Paul Kirschner. How to prepare Youth and VET for jobs that do not exist yet? Focus on scouting the national situations of countries and how everyone can make steps by creating methods to prepare themselves or their organizations.
  • Fit for the future with VET, presented by Alison Crab (European Commission)Sectoral experiences of VET and Industry in relation to 21st century skills. Showcase for tools like "DigComp" and "EntrComp".
  • Challenges of internationalization of labour markets presented by Prof. Dr. Ton Wilthagen (Tilburg University). What are the challenges of internationalization of labour markets and how can countries prepare in VET, Skills, and Industry?  Share results of international surveys and programmes.
  • Models of Excellence, presented by Leontien Kragten & Norbert Ruepert (VET-college: ROC Midden Nederland). Presentation about the implementation of excellence programmes of artisanship and skills in cooperation with VET and Industry. Showcase of an example from the  Netherlands. Discussion about development and research on how to increase youth excellence in their craft.
  • Future society and disruptive technologies, presented by Martijn Aslander (international philosopher inspirational speaker). The triggering of trends and effects of new technologies on societies. What are the global and national dilemmas and what becomes of us?
  • How does the Dutch system work? presented by Dr. Paul Oomens, Director Dutch Council of VET-colleges and speaker from OECD (TBD). The ‘Triple Helix’ system in the Netherlands is one of the best functioning systems in the world and also one of the best-kept secrets. Practical explanation about the benefits of this system: the systemic cooperation’s government-VET-industry/labour market and how you can learn from the Dutch.
  • Career building and trends in jobs, professions, skills, and labour markets presented by Prof. Dr. Didier Fouarge with PhD candidate (Maastricht University and ROA; research institute on education and labour market). Presentation of results and discussion about outcomes of research-reports in the EU on career building possibilities for youth in fluid labour markets, including the impact on choices for a VET study/training. 
  • Choices of Youth for VET? presented by Prof. Dr. Marinka Kuipers. How can programmes successfully create career choices for youth. Is there a universal and global approach possible or not? What  criteria or set of values would help to motivate youth in their choices? Or must we in the end focus on individual approaches where youth direct their own discovery voyage towards a career and job?

Global Village
The WorldSkills Conference contains a wide range and variety of interactive sessions. In the very heart of the Conference venue the Global Village will contain showcases of (inter)national best practices as well as in depth sessions. It will be also the starting point for small group business visits in Amsterdam.

For more details on WorldSkills Conference 2018, visit

Speaker Spotlight

Prof. dr. Marinka Kuijpers 

Prof. dr. Marinka Kuijpers is professor at the Welten Institute of the Open University in the Netherlands and director of Loopbaangroep, an organization for career guidance. Her topics of research is career development and guidance of students in Vocational Education and professionalizing teachers from a career development perspective. She is member of the Board of Advisors of Consortium of VET and of the scientific commission of SBB (Dutch organization for the cooperation between VET and Industry). Marinka Kuipers publishes regular about her topics in international scientific journals.
Dr. Glenda Quintini

Dr. Glenda Quentin is a senior economist at OECD, overseeing the work on skills carried out by the Employment Labour and Social Affairs Directorate. Apart from projects how countries assess and respond to existing and future skill needs, she also works on research programs on skills such as issues of skills mismatch, skills use at work, work-based learning and the difficulties faced by youth in the labour market. Before joining OECD, Glenda Quintini worked at Credit Suisse First Boston and at the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) of the London School of Economics. She also published a number of papers on job insecurity and the wage curve and labour market institutions.
Dr. Paul Oomens

Dr. Paul Oomens is the director of the Dutch Council of VET-colleges and member of the board of Neth-er. Before this he was deputy director of the department of VET of the Ministry of Education. He started his career as project manager and head of departments at the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Social Affairs and Employment. Paul Oomens studied Medical Biology and Phonetic Sciences at the University of Utrecht.     

About Amsterdam

The National Maritime Museum: This former warehouse of the Dutch trading companies and the Dutch navy was built in 1656 on 2300 poles. Now it has one of the best collections of maritime history in the world and shows how the sea has shaped the Dutch culture. During the Dutch presidency of the EU in 2016 the National Maritime Museum was the venue of the EU-conference. The National Maritime Museum will be the location for dinner on 15 October as part of the WorldSkills Conference.

Some facts and figures. The City of Amsterdam was founded in 1275.The municipality of Amsterdam is 219 km2, downtown area is 8 km2. It has 2.300.000 habitants,180 nationalities, 165 canals, 1.281 bridges, 900.000 bicycles, 51 museums, 24 diamond cutting companies, 1.150 restaurants, 7.900 shops, 140 art galleries. Amsterdam hosts more than 150 cruise ships per year and 6.600.000 tourist per year.

Rembrandt and other famous Dutch masters such as Jacob van Ruisdael and Frans Hals lived and worked in Amsterdam during the Dutch Golden age (17th century). Today you can see their painting in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Another famous Dutch painter has its own museum in Amsterdam: Vincent van Gogh. The Vincent van Gogh Museum as well as the Stedelijk Museum (modern art) and the Rijksmuseum are all situated at the Museum square in Amsterdam. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

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