22 April 2015


Countdown to the Competition

David Hoey, CEO WorldSkills International

We are now less than four months before the Opening Ceremony of WorldSkills São Paulo 2015.

That probably means different things to everyone, for Competitors, you are anxiously awaiting your opportunity to showcase your skills on the world stage; for volunteers, you are patiently waiting to see what role you can play during the event; for sponsors, you are preparing infrastructure requests and promotional plans; but for the Competition Organizers, it is a time of excitement, stress, and determination.

There are still many things to be done surrounding the event to make it the best Competition ever; but we will make it! Media is now becoming engaged in the event. Our Conference Programme is about to be open for registration. If you have not scheduled to be in São Paulo from 11-16 August then please reconsider - it is not too late to plan to visit the greatest showcase of skills excellence in the world.

Every Competition, we get asked “is it better and bigger this time?”. The truth is that every Competition is completely different in so many ways, but each builds on the previous ones and as we learn from each event, we continually push to reach new levels.

I personally look forward to each Competition, to see the difference and improvements - but more importantly - to see the people and systems all coming together and creating an amazing environment and event to allow Members and stakeholders to showcase, benchmark, share, network and drive towards our mission and vision as a global movement. Also to see the visitors and youth see and engage in skill opportunities that could lead them to a very satisfying and rewarding career.
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São Paulo 2015


News from WorldSkills

What is WorldSkills video

As part of the new WorldSkills brand development, we have now created two new “What is WorldSkills” videos. These help explain the new direction of WorldSkills and how all the six focus areas work together. Please share throughout your networks!

Samsung sponsors WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Samsung Electronics has renewed its sponsorship agreement with WorldSkills International to support the 43rd WorldSkills Competition in São Paulo, Brazil. Samsung will be the Overall Event Presenter, like two years before at WorldSkills Leipzig 2013.

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Albert-Vidal has been named Honorary Citizen of the village of Pinoso

On 31 March 2015, the plenary session of the city hall of Pinoso approved, unanimously, the appointment of Francisco Albert-Vidal as honorary citizen of the village, as recognition of his work in the field of vocational training for young people through the creation of important events like WorldSkills Competitions.

Words from Pepe Rubio (partner and friend): "Thanks for this recognition. Francisco Albert Vidal worked for universal values, for people and their education" 

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There's so much more beyond the Competition

Through my involvement with WorldSkills France I took the opportunity to be part of the WorldSkills Champions Trust formation group. This experience has allowed me to expand my contacts beyond borders. I've met people from around the world, shared experience, feelings, ideas despite the language barrier.

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News from the WorldSkills Foundation

Côte d’Ivoire prepares for the next steps

After witnessing the tremendous impact from the first ever National Skills Competition hosted last year in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, the Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Vocational Training in Côte d'Ivoire is gearing up for the second National Skills Competition which will take place during the last two weeks of May 2015 in Bouake, Côte d'Ivoire.

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Brazilian students are the next in line to take
‘A New Look at Skills’

Senai hosts 3D design bootcamp for WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 Visitor Experience project. A week-long design and development bootcamp has just been completed at SENAI’s “Armando de Arruda Pereira” campus in São Caetano do Sul, 6-10 April 2015. 

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Unique international volunteering opportunities

Your WorldSkills experience doesn’t have to be just once in a lifetime! Join us on the front line to help improve water and sanitation conditions for communities in need. HAVE you have got the skill and the passion to make a difference? GET IN TOUCH!

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News from WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Ibirapuera Gymnasium venue for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies

One of the most famous stages of cultural and sporting events in the capital city, the Ibirapuera Gymnasium, has been confirmed as the host of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

On 11 August, starting at 19:00, it will receive the Delegations, Competitors, families, students, national and international authorities, sponsors, partners, special guests, and media. An estimated 8,500 people will be present and there will be cultural performances and presentations, the traditional “Parade of Nations”, and a special Brazilian show.

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Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity discussed at the event promoted by the One School One Country programme

On 24 March, the "Roberto Simonsen" Senai school, located in Brás, São Paulo, held the “Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity in the Contemporary World” macro meeting, promoted by the One School One Country programme as part of the official WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 agenda. The purpose of the discussion was promoting an educational support activity for the 55 schools receiving delegations that are participating in the Competition in Brazil in August.

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The WorldSkills Brazil National Competition is recognized as the "Most Sustainable Event"

The WorldSkills Brazil National Skills Competition (held in September 2014) has received media attention due to the public awards given to the organizers. February 2015, SENAI won the 22th Ecology Expression Award (category Social and Environmental Technologies) as the most Sustainable Event in 2014.

The “Green Wave” trophy is scheduled to be awarded on 14 August 2015, during the Sustainable Management Forum 2015 that will be held by the Industry Federation of Santa Catarina State (FIESC) in Florianópolis, Brazil.

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The new website for WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 brings together everything you need to know about the Competition

The website of WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 has a new look! With an innovative design, readability of content, access to information, and constantly updated pictures and color formats, the new website puts the user first.

With this new layout, the website can serve as an inspiration and information hub for both Competitors and people interested in vocational education and training.

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News from WorldSkills Members

Autodesk makes design software free to WorldSkills worldwide

Fulfilling its promise to expand access to its professional design software in education, Autodesk is making its industry-leading design, engineering and entertainment software free to students, instructors and academic institutions worldwide.

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National Finals: A huge success for WorldSkills France!

The National Finals of WorldSkills France, held in Strasbourg 29-31 January 2015, were a great success. There were 823 Competitors in this Competition for young professionals. Beyond the personal adventure of the Competition, their motivation and skills are the best proof that vocational education is the path to success for young people.

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Netherlands scores well during exhibition game WorldSkills

Sixteen WorldSkills Competitors participated in the training match in Gorinchem, The Netherlands from 7 to 9 April during the 'Game On' event. It was a training match with engineering talents from across Europe, Canada, Morocco, Japan, Macao (China), and Singapore. In seven out of eleven competitions The Netherlands emerged as the winner.

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Global Premium Partners of WorldSkills International

SamsungStanley Black & Decker

Global Industry Partners of WorldSkills International

3MAmerican Welding SocietyAutodeskCISCOFESTOFLUKELincoln ElectricSaint GobainSiemens
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