In 2015 US Sailing's STEM Education program is growing rapidly. Read through our first quarter newsletter for grant opportunities, resources, and program ideas for 2015.
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2015 Reach Quarterly Webinar Series

Interpreting Surface Weather Maps:
US Sailing's Reach Module 1 Enrichment

Join us on Thursday, March 19 from 3-4pm EST -
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This webinar will be presented by Joe Sienkiewicz, Chief of the Ocean Applications Branch at the NOAA Ocean Prediction Center.  The webinar is geared towards sailing instructors and teachers implementing US Sailing's Reach program - Module 1 to their students (10-14 yrs old or younger). In module 1, students build wind anemometers and collect their own wind data and make decisions based on that data.

US Sailing's Reach Awarded $100,000 Grant from 11th Hour Racing

US Sailing is honored to receive a $100,000 grant that will directly fund its efforts to grow sailing as an educational platform for youth through the Reach initiative and bring more awareness to environmental and ocean stewardship.

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Grant proposal deadline March 6, 2015

Register your organization with US Sailing’s Reach Initiative!

If you have implemented Reach at your school or sailing center, please fill out this form and upload your organization logo and contact information.

Your program will be displayed on the Reach Website as a US Sailing Reach Program provider (See example to the right).

Become a Reach Instructor Trainer - Reach IT

Are you are interested in teaching the Reach Educator Middle School 1 Course?

Complete the
Reach IT Application 2015! The 2015 Reach IT Course, a one-day course will be held at Community Boating Center in Providence, RI on Saturday, April 25. More Information.

Prerequisites include:
  • Current US Sailing Member
  • US Sailing Level  1 certified
  • 25 years of age
  • Must have completed  the  US Sailing STEM Educator Course
  • 2-5 years experience as a formal or informal educator

1st Quarter Resources for Reach Programs:

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