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   The Nautical Mind Bookstore has been delivering personal and professional service from our storefront in Toronto Harbour since 1980, and from since 1995.  Our fantastic clientele range from dinghy sailors on Georgian Bay to cargo vessel captains in Hong Kong. 

We supply and stock professional maritime books and e-books from the International Maritime Organization, Nautical Institute, Marisec, Whitherby, Brown Son & Ferguson, Admiralty, Elsevier, Taylor and Frances and others. Below is a list of newly released or about to be released titles we thought you would find valuable.

We are happy to source any title you require. Please call or e-mail with any needs or questions. SPECIAL pricing for volume discounts. 


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3 - Applied Heat for Engineers 4 - Naval Architecture
5 - Ship Construction for Marine Students 6 - Basic Electrotechnology 7 - Advanced Electrotechnology 8 - General Engineering Knowledge
9 - Steam Engineering Knowledge 10 - Instrumentation and Control Systems 12 - Motor Engineering Knowledge 13 - Ship Stability
14 - Stealth Warship Technology. What. 15 - Electronics, Nav Aids, & Radio Theory 1 - Mathematics 2 Applied Mechanics

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Important Books


IMDG Code, 2014
The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code is the worldwide standard for shipping dangerous goods by sea. Amendment 37-14 is effective January 1, 2015 and becomes mandatory on January 1, 2016.

Two Volume Softcover | ebook


IMDG Code 2014 SupplementIIMDG Code Supplement, 2014 Edition
Contains the following texts: EMS Guide (as amended), Medical First Aid Guide, Reporting Procedures, Packing Cargo Transport Units, Safe Use of Pesticides, INF Code (as amended). Good for IMDG 2016 cycle

Softcover | ebook


IMO VEGAIMO Vega (v19)
Allows easy searches for applicable regulations according to the following criteria: ship date of build; ship type; length; gross tonnage; certificate. Includes up-to-date texts such as the following IMO requirements: SOLAS, Load Lines Convention, MARPOL, IMDG Code, IAMSAR, IMSBC, International Code of Signals, and Maritime Labour Conventions.
Standalone Disc | Web Subscription


ECDIS Basics New Edition
3rd ed. Practical hands-on knowledge in the operational use of electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS). The guide gives an overview of the principles of ECDIS navigation.




When you fail to ECDIS Passage Plan, you plan to ECDIS Passage FailECDIS Passage Planning New Edition
2nd ed. Fully revised, practical and clearly structured guidelines for safely carrying out voyage planning on electronic charts (ECDIS) and a new section to assist the OOW in keeping the navigational watch.

Softcover | ebook

Step 1: Enter PortGuide to Port Entry, 2015-2016 Edition New Edition
23nd ed. A port information guide in four volumes covering the ports of the world. Includes plans, diagrams, and service/berthing information for more than 9,000 ports and 2,700 cargo terminals.
Hardcover | ebook


DryyyyyyyyyyyyyyDry Docking and Shipboard Maintenance New Edition
2nd ed. Covers every aspect of the dry docking of sea going vessels. It provides a guide to industry for the different dock types and docking procedures inclusive of material management, steelwork operations and dry dock legislation.



Navigation Advanced Mates/Masters 2nd Ed

Navigation Advanded for Mates/Masters New Edition
2nd ed. Covers the following: regulatory requirements, navigation terminology, voyage planning, routes and sailings, coastal and celestial navigation, tides, navigation warnings, the oceans, bridge procedures, search and rescue and positioning systems.




Cargo Work

Cargo Work New Edition
8th ed. From the respected David House, this book covers general principles and the latest international regulations that affect all cargos detailing roll-on/roll-off, containerisation, equipment and offshore supply, plus two new chapters on Passenger Vessels and Offshore Trades.


21st century

21st Century Seamanship New
Ten years in the making, covers ships and ship-handling, maintenance, weather, regulations and conventions covering shipping, the business of shipping, stability, safety, traditional seamanship, and much much more.
Hardcover | ebook


Step 1: Clean Tank

Tank Cleaning Guide New Edition
9th ed. Lists about 400 liquid substances carried in bulk. The cleaning charts give the tank cleaning procedure for each listed product to clean from and to in a matrix form.



The Nautical Institute on Command New Edition
3rd ed. Aimed at chief officers and divided into five main sections: responsibilities of the shipmaster; management; operations; technical and environmental; case studies.



Stand Watch

Watchstanding Guide for the Merchant Officer New Edition
3rd ed. Details the use of modern bridge equipment, voyage planning, ship-handling, and shipboard emergencies, this new edition now features real-life case studies.




Maritime Casualties

Maritime Casualties New
This book sets forth the major casualties of the last hundred years and explains resulting regulatory changes.




Be Safe. Be an Oil Tanker.

Oil Tankers: A Pocket Safety Guide New
2nd ed. Covers basic tanker safety practice for crew members who are serving on, or about to serve on, oil tankers.

Softcover | ebook


'supp, craft?

Support Craft at Liquefied Gas Facilities New
Details a number of what it calls “top events”, including loss of cargo containment, collision/grounding, loss of position, and intrusion. It then details the risk-assessment methodology used to explain the situation being considered and defines some examples, scenarios and response strategies.

Spiral Bound | ebook



A Practical Guide to the Rules of the Road
Interactive navigation light identification software is also available on a companion website to offer further testing before examination. All questions are asked randomly, and will help prepare you for the oral exam. For OOW, Chief Mate and Master students.

Softcover + Companion Website


IMO Model Courses

Model Course 1.01: Basic Training for Oil & Chemical Operations
Model Course 1.02: Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations
Model Course 1.04: Basic Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations 
Model Course 1.05: Advanced Training for Liquified Gas Tanker Cargo Operations
Model Course 1.10: Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes
Model Course 1.25: General Operator's Certificate for GMDSS
Model Course 1.26: Restricted Operator's Certificate for GMDSS
Model Course 1.35: LPG Tanker Cargo & Ballast Handling Simulator (Sale: 51% Off)
Model Course 3.21: Port Facility Security Officer (ISPS)
Model Course 7.01: Master and Chief Mate
Model Course 7.02: Chief and Second Engineer Officers



Old Editions and General Shelf-Clearing Bargains
51% Off Dynamic Positioning, not Director of Photography RADAR, AIS, & DRADIS Knighty Knight
20% Off
Mooring and Anchoring Ships vol 2 Super sigtto so clean

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I just received the book this morning and on Sunday I’m flying off to conduct an investigation and portions of the book will be invaluable.
Amazing service!
Robert L. Wolfe 
Marine Inspector I Inspecteur Maritime
Transport Canada, Marine Safety & Security I Transports Canada, Sécurité des navires (RME)

We're continuing to expand and develop our guide to Transport Canada Exams and Certificates.  We've just added the Watchkeeping Mate requirements as well as descriptions and syllabi for many more exams.  We're certain you'll find this growing resource to be extremely useful (at-least if you're in Canada).  If there are particular exams or certificates you'd like to see added before others - or if you'd like to contribute, please let us know!
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