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April 2017 e-Newsletter
In This Issue: 2016 annual reportSeacology rep and prize winner featured in lemur documentaryIndia women's centerTravel: PeruCharity Navigator awards Seacology four starsSeacology's GRP award makes headlines

A big year in review

2016 was arguably Seacology's most exciting year ever, marked by successes in Sri Lanka and continued progress in communities all over the world.

In our 2016 annual report, Seacology Board Chair Paul Cox reflects on the extraordinary growth of the organization he co-founded more than a quarter-century ago. He recalls the apprehension two years ago when Seacology's leadership made a leap of faith and launched our first nationwide effort, orders of magnitude larger than anything we'd tried before.

"This ambitious project, at a cost of $4 million, essentially required us to bet Seacology’s reputation and future on a single endeavor. Could we trust our partners in Sri Lanka in such an ambitious step forward?" Cox remembers wondering. "The answer has been a resounding yes."

Seacology's success has always been based on balancing such bold strategies with responsible management, ensuring accountability in our projects while maintaining minimal overhead. Our annual report provides an overview of our finances, the progress of several of our current projects, and the people and partner organizations that make it possible.

Seacology rep and prize winner featured in film

Madascar is a place of striking beauty, rare wildlife, and huge environmental threats. Seacology has nearly a dozen projects there, protecting threatened habitats and helping poor communities.

"Trouble In Lemur Land," a documentary from EarthTouch News, beautifully captures the struggle to protect the critically endangered silky sifaka and other lemur species there. It features Seacology Field Representative for Madagascar Erik Patel and Rabary Desire, our 2010 Seacology Prize winner. Erik has for many years been a leading researcher on Madagascar's lemurs. Rabary is a successful conservation activist who has made it his life's work to buy land in Madagascar to set aside as protected habitat.

"Trouble" offers a rare look at these charismatic and unique primates in their natural environment, and examines the myriad threats to their survival, such as habitat loss, hunting, and the illegal pet trade.

The film is now available online, and we're happy to report that since its completion the illegal rosewood harvesting it reveals has ceased in Marojejy National Park. Unfortunately for Madagascar's wildlife, habitat loss, exacerbated by widespread poverty, remains a problem throughout the country.

Women's center in India close to completion

The women of Webi Village, on India's Middle Andaman Island, will soon have a sturdy, weather-proof building in which to make and sell handicrafts.

Seacology is helping to protect a 5.8 square-kilometer (1,400-acre) expanse of coastal habitat, home to several mangrove species as well as birds and monitor lizards. In exchange for the village's support for these protections, we are funding the new community center.

The large building, elevated several meters off the ground to avoid flooding during monsoons, will serve as a base of operations for local artisans to manufacture and sell their products, which are growing in popularity with tourists. This work has already begun, and our partner in the project, the Andaman and Nicobar Environment Team, has been training local women in such skills.

Webi Village represents one of India's largest communities of the Karen diaspora, an ethnic group mainly residing in neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

Seacology Travel: Peru

August 5-15, 2017
This summer, Seacology will lead our first-ever trip to Peru! We invite you to explore key sites of the Inca Empire with us, including Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and more. We’ll also visit Foca Island, the location of our first project in Peru.

Learn more about the expedition in our brochure. Reservations are going fast for this trip, so don't hesitate if you're interested in joining us for this unforgettable excursion.

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Charity Navigator awards Seacology top score

Popular nonprofit watchdog Charity Navigator has given Seacology four stars, its highest rating for transparency and financial efficiency! As an organization that has always made careful stewardship of our donors' money a top priority, we're thrilled to be recognized by one of the most trusted authorities on the subject.

For more information on how Seacology uses your donation dollars, we invite you to review our 2016 annual report.

In the news

When Seacology won a grant of almost $1milliion from the Global Resiliency Challenge for our nationwide mangrove conservation project in Sri Lanka, it made headlines. We invite you to read some highlights of this coverage at Devex, The East Bay Times, and The Source.
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