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Seacology Updates - May 2014

Lasting Impact

Years after completion, Seacology water project still changing village life in Cunca Lolos.

In Cunca Lolos, a village on Indonesia’s Flores Island, the water system we helped install in 2010 is doing more than just providing convenient and safe access to potable water, our field representative in Indonesia reports. The project has enabled villagers to establish irrigation systems to support new ventures like growing crops and raising cattle, giving this community of 38 households new avenues for eco-friendly revenue.

Cunca Lolos' forest reserve protects the habitat of endemic species like this leaf lorikeet. (Serge Melki / CC-BY-SA-2.0)

We launched the water system project in exchange for the villagers’ support for establishing a 12,000-acre no-take zone in the surrounding Mbeliling Forest, home to the Flores monarch, Flores hanging-parrot, and the leaf lorikeet (pictured above), which are all endemic to Flores Island.

2013 Annual Report

Behold! We just released our 2013 Annual Report. See what we did last year and what we have in store for the future. Oh, and marvel at all the pretty pictures from our island projects!

New Field Rep: Cook Islands

We're pleased to announce we've added Tuaine Tuara to our worldwide roster of Seacology field representatives. Tuara will help Seacology execute projects throughout her home nation of the Cook Islands.

Tuara is a conservation advocate from Mangaia, the second largest of the Cook Islands. In 1999 she and her husband founded the Mangaia Tanga’eo Environmental Rangers, an award-winning NGO promoting environmental awareness and education among Cook Island children. Trained as a nurse, Tuara manages her family’s bakery while continuing to work with local environmental groups as an adviser and mentor to support local conservation issues.


Seacology Travel

Aug 16 - 23, 2014
Travel with Seacology and the National Aquarium to stay at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort on Vanua Levu. Visit two Seacology project in nearby villages. View the trip brochure (pdf) for more information.


'Uiha Island

Last month, Seacology approved funds to help the village of Felemea rebuild their town hall, which was wrecked by a hurricane in January.
We helped Felemeans refurbish their town hall back in 2010, giving the village (one of only two communities on ‘Uiha Island) a space for meetings, workshops, youth activities, and preschool. In exchange, Felemeans agreed to actively manage two fish habitat reserves totally 368 acres.

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