Six new projects, plus updates from Kenya and the Philippines
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Seacology Updates - June 2014

New Projects Begin

Seacology announces six new projects, including our first in Honduras and Nicaragua

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of six new Seacology projects around the world, including a community hall in Fiji and a solar power grid in the Philippines.

In the process, we’ll be helping protect vulnerable forest and marine ecosystems home to threatened species like the humphead wrasse, boxfish, saltwater crocodiles, monitor lizards, long-tailed macaque, and the Visayan warty pig.
Chile, Quinchao Island
Security and locking system equipment for Handicrafts Sales and Environmental Diffusion Center in exchange for the continued conservation of migratory birds and coastal wetlands, Quinchao Island, Chiloé Island.

Fiji, Vanua Levu Island
Community hall in exchange for the protection of 1,134 acres of marine reserve and 208 acres of mangroves for a duration of 15 years, Nanuca Village.

Honduras, Roatán
Creation of a “Junior Park Rangers of Roatán” program for youth to foster their involvement in conservation programs at Roatán Marine Park.

India, Middle Andaman Island
Karen Crafts and Women’s Centre in exchange for the protection of a 1,433-acre mangrove forest and estuarine land for a minimum duration of 10 years, Webi village.

Nicaragua, Ometepe Island
Improvements to Finca Magdalena’s visitor and park ranger station, Maderas Volcano National Park.

Philippines, Sibuyan Island
78 solar lighting units in support of a 2,471-acre watershed forest, Sitio Layag, Barangay Taclobo, Municipality of San Fernando, Sibuyan Island, Romblon Province.


Progress in Kenya

Our field rep in East Africa reports that a hundred traditional and eco-friendly fishing traps have been distributed on Wasini Island, helping locals fish their waters sustainably.

Wasini fishermen exchanged their old traps for the new ones, which were made from local plant materials and feature “escape gaps” allowing sea turtles and juvenile fish to go free.

We’re funding this trap exchange in support of a 1,532-acre sustainable fishing reserve.

Seacology Travel: Fiji

Aug 16 - 23, 2014
Travel with Seacology and the National Aquarium to stay at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort on Vanua Levu. Visit two Seacology project in nearby villages. View the trip brochure (pdf) for more information.


Seacology Travel: Kenya

Jul 24 - Aug 2, 2015
Join us in Kenya for an unforgettable eco-safari. You will explore one of the country’s premier community-owned conservation efforts, have the chance to witness the Great Migration, and visit Wasini Island, where local communities have partnered with Seacology to restore a mangrove forest. More details available in our trip brochure.



In May, volunteers in the Philippines began installing mooring buoys in Palawan Island’s Bacuit Bay, launching a new effort to help protect the bay’s rich coral reef ecosystem against the stress of increased tourism. With the buoys in place, boaters will be able to experience the reef without hurting it, eliminating the need to drop anchor onto fragile coral structures.

Funded by Seacology, the project marks a collaboration between local tourism and environmental groups. In his blog, our field rep in the Philippines Ferdinand Marcelo describes the critical role of the community’s involvement.
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