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Seacology Updates - December 2013

Bridging the Gap

Going to school wasn’t always so easy for the kids of Antsahaberaoka. During the rainy seasons, many children simply couldn’t reach the school because the river running through the community rose too high to safely cross. More problems awaited them at the schoolhouse itself, which was made from dilapidated wood and had no roof: its dirt floors meant that children without shoes often had parasites burrow into their feet.

This month, construction ended in Antsahaberaoka to address both of those problems. A 40-meter footbridge now spans the river, serving not just the kids, but the entire community. And a new schoolhouse built from durable materials is now complete, offering not only a floor and a roof, but new bathrooms, tables, desks, and chairs. What's more, the regional school district has agreed to send a new teacher starting in late November.

The new schoolhouse in Antsahaberaoka replaces an old dilapidated structure with no roof or floor.

In exchange, the community of Antsahaberaoka agreed to stop all habitat disturbance for 30 years within a nearby 4,800-acre area of Marojejy National Park, home to one of the largest concentrations of the critically endangered silky sifaka lemur.


New boat to help raise conservation awareness in the Sundarbans

Workers completed renovations on a boat last month in the Sundarbans, giving local conservation groups an important tool to spread the word throughout the region about the importance of protecting mangrove forests.

The boat is needed because the Sundarbans is a massive delta comprised of countless islands, and there’s little transportation infrastructure available to reach remote communities.

In exchange for the boat, the Association for Conservation & Tourism will organize mangrove planting totaling 123 acres and carry out environmental education and awareness programs around the Sundarbans. Known for its biodiversity, the Sundarbans is a national park, tiger reserve, UNESCO Biosphere reserve, and World Heritage Site.


Seacology Travel

French Polynesia
June 4 - June 13, 2014
Visit two of the most picturesque islands in the South Pacific (Moorea and Rangiroa) and attend the inauguration of the Kimo Campbell Memorial Dormitory at the Atitia Cultural Center. View the trip brochure (pdf) for more information.  

July 25 - Aug 3, 2014
Join Seacology for an eco-safari  in Kenya’s Maasai Mara. Visit Seacology’s mangrove restoration project on Wasini Island. View the trip brochure (pdf) for more information. 

Bohol Island


Last week Seacology approved a maintenance grant to repair a boardwalk on Bohol Island damaged by a major earthquake in mid October.

We originally funded the construction of this 800-meter boardwalk, which winds through a mangrove forest near Bangaray San Vicente, in order to promote ecotourism and support the conservation of the mangroves.

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Bohol Island on October 15, killing 222, injuring 800 more, and displacing 75,000 families. The region was still recovering when Typhoon Haiyan hit just a few weeks later.
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