Crowdfunding Results
We would like to thank all our supporters for donating a total amount of $2581. Thanks to you we are able to buy 2 GPS trackers, an IPAD including waterproof casing, 6 nest barriers, a large sign to raise more awareness, organise 3 extra presentations, save 2 sea turtles in trouble, a total of 8 hatchlings were sponsored and 2 fieldwork trips to Klein Bonaire. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates including photos of the items purchased and shout outs!
STCB's communication Coordinator Lisette, giving a ‘turtle talk’ presentation for twenty-five 5 year olds at Pelikaan School. If you would like to learn more about education activities send an email to cepa@bonaireturtles.org.
Adopt A Nest

Nesting season is in full swing. At the moment we have a total of 31 nests, of which 25 are on Klein Bonaire and 6 are on the southern beaches of Bonaire. The first nest even hatched on July 4th at Klein Bonaire! This nest was adopted by Blue Jay Holding Bonaire B.V. 

Did you know that a total of twenty five nests have been adopted by local companies, who are supporting our nest monitoring program? Every company adopting a nest has received an official Adopt-A-Nest certificate, and they will also receive four invitations to join us for a trip to Klein Bonaire to learn more about nesting and hatching of sea turtles. If you would like to learn more about this program have a look here!

Hello & Goodbye

Unfortunately time has arrived to say farewell to our colleague Lisette van Marrewijk, STCB’s Communication and Fund Raising Coordinator. Lisette joined STCB April last year and successfully implemented  among other things our bimonthly newsletter, the new website, Adopt–A-Nest program and our first crowdfunding campaign. STCB team will certainly miss Lisette, would like to thank her for her great work and wish her the very best of luck in the future.

While we will miss Lisette, we are very excited to welcome Kaj Schut as our new Communication and Fund Raising Officer. Kaj Schut is Dutch and has been living on Bonaire since August 2015. She holds a Master’s degree in Science of Environment and Development Studies and is very passionate about online communications. During the past year she has been working as Communication Officer at a local dive organization and she has been a blogger and editor for other island initiatives. Kaj Schut will be joining the team as of August 1st. Welcome Kaj!

In-Water Surveys at Lac
At the end of June, STCB spent a week conducting netting capture and release surveys in Lac Bay. These efforts provide valuable data over time to help us determine growth rates of sea turtles and estimate abundance, movement patterns and the health status of Bonaire’s resident turtles.
It was a very successful week and we were able to collect interesting data for research purposes. In total we captured and released 50 Green sea turtles of which 9 had already been captured and released in the past, a great result! To top it all off, our last capture was a Hawksbill sea turtle which made a great ending to an awesome week! Thanks to all the people who came and visited us at the shore to learn more about the work we do and for their generous donations. And last but not least, a big thanks to all the volunteers helping STCB during this week, we couldn’t have done it without your help! 

We wish to offer a special 'turtle hug' to STCB's dedicated volunteers Hans and Jannie Koning. Hans & Jannie have been supporting STCB for over four years and they are particularly STCB's solid rock for the nest monitoring Klein Bonaire and Bonaire. Hans & Jannie received a certificate and a dinner voucher which was donated by a local restaurant to support their volunteering efforts.
Thank you Hans and Jannie!
Save Bonaire Marine Park
At the beginning of June, the Higher Court ruled in favour of Bonaire’s precious Marine Park. The Joint Court of Justice confirmed the decision made by the Court of First Instance against the OLB, denying the re-zoning of portions of the marine park. The re-zoning was intended to allow large commercial development at several locations in the waters of the BNMP. The Joint Court of Justice confirmed that the local government did not follow procedures according to good governance, which means that construction at several locations in the waters of the Bonaire Marine Park is not possible under current legislation!
The Joint Court of Justice also ruled on the appeal by Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire and STINAPA Bonaire against a related change in the Marine Park Ordinance that would create an exemption to the ordinance’s restrictions on piers. The Joint Court of Justice did not approve the amendment of the nature ordinance in practice, since the Court of First Instance already rightfully annulled the permit. Based on that ruling, the Judges explained that they could not assess this argument at this point in time. The verdict means that under existing legislation further commercial construction work will not be allowed in the Bonaire Marine Park. At the moment we are still in mediating terms with regards to the case against the Dutch Ministry, but for now we can say that our efforts have paid off. For more information have a look at the website Save Bonaire Marine Park.
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