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STCB offers local companies the opportunity to ADOPT-A-NEST, a meaningful way to link your company’s brand to the protection of Bonaire’s most iconic wildlife.

To keep a tally of the number of nests that have been adopted, STCB volunteers Hans and Jannie Koning have designed a two meter high ‘Nest Barometer’ which is displayed outside our office at #53 Kaya Korona, Antriol.

Already we are on the way to the target of 25, as nineteen nests have been adopted by: Blue Jay Holding Bonaire B.V., Mangrove Information Center, Piet Boon Bonaire, Foundation Club Roomer, Cargill Salt Bonaire B.V., Maduro & Curiel’s Bank Bonaire N.V., Bonaire Office Systems, Dive Friends Bonaire,  T & TMC's NSO & HB, Between 2 Buns, Vip Diving, Bonaire Logistics, Harbourtown Real Estate, Gaia Productions, KPMG Bonaire, Dive Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino, American Consulting Group B.V. and Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire. 

With only 6 nests left there is still a chance to join our program by sending an email to cepa@bonaireturtles.org. Companies are advised to be quick, because first come, first served! 
New Website Released!!!

Though over the past years we received many compliments about our former website, the content management of the website was unfortunately not in our hands, making it very difficult to keep the website updated and connected with social media features. We therefore decided to develop a new website to make it faster, easier to navigate for users, and easier for us to manage/update. We have also updated our funding information, which gives you a clear understanding of how we spend your generous donations on behalf of Bonaire's sea turtles. We are very pleased with the outcome of our new website and we hope the feeling is mutual!

We would like to thank professional nature photographer Solvin Zankl for donating his beautiful photos to us. These photos were taken during his time on Bonaire when he joined our fieldwork team. 
Seeing the Big Picture
Our Project Coordinator Sue was delighted to receive funding from the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) which allowed her to attend the 36th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation in Lima, Peru in February. With over 700 delegates, 14 workshops, 100 verbal presentations and in excess of 200 poster presentations it was a great chance for Sue to update her knowledge and expertise. It was also a way to network and socialise with colleagues from near and far. Here she is pictured with some of the WIDECAST partners after an informal meeting held one evening. Now back on Bonaire Sue says “I found the trip beneficial in so many ways – it is important to stay connected to the larger world of sea turtle conservation, particularly when working on a small island. The Symposium and associated meetings have really connected me to the big picture, it was an invaluable opportunity”. 

A Turtle Sabbatical 

For our outreach program we welcome people who have decided to take a sabbatical for a few months. STCB’s sabbatical program is open to anyone with a focused interest in marketing, public relations, communications, and/or fundraising for non-profit organisations. You will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the communications efforts in a non-profit environment by working directly with STCB staff. This position is unpaid, and housing is not provided. Start and end dates are flexible to accommodate your agenda with a minimum of 3 months, and 3 days per week. For more information click here!

This year STCB joined Bon Doet again. Bon Doet is the largest volunteer event on Bonaire. STCB signed up for two projects; upgrading our outdoor area for educational purposes and cleaning the seagrass lines at Sorobon. Both projects were a big success as the outdoor area now looks fantastic and the lines at Sorobon have been thoroughly cleaned. We would like to thank all volunteers, MCB Bank employees, Bonaire Best Brands for sponsoring drinks, The Real Dutch Bakery for providing us with dushi krentenbollen and of course NGO Platform Bonaire for facilitating this great event! 
Join the presentation or spread the message 
Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 20:00 we host a Public Presentation about Bonaire's endangered sea turtles at
Rooftop Yellow Submarine, Dive Friends Bonaire.

Save Sea Turtles, Keep our Marine Park clean!

Unfortunately human activity is the single biggest threat to sea turtles. Many of the threats to sea turtles are under our control but you can help in the following ways: 

• Protect coral reefs 
• Observe marine life from a distance 
• Keep hazardous materials out of the sea 
• Do not drive on sandy beaches 
• Turn off or shield lights at nesting beaches 
• Do not light fires on beaches
• Avoid plastic and dispose of plastic appropriately 
The photo on the right is very disturbing as the promotion materials used are life threatening for sea turtles and other marine life and a practice which is not allowed within the Bonaire National Marine Park. 

In the end, these divers were held responsible by STINAPA for polluting the marine park and they cleaned up the ziploc bags from the reef and from a beach in Washington Park under the supervision of a park ranger. According to STINAPA the divers in question realised that it was not a good idea and apologised  as they really hadn't thought how this stunt would affect our reef.

It all started in 2013 when, despite a critical Environmental Impact Assessment and over 700 appeals, the Bonaire Island Council voted to revise the Spatial Development Plan (Ruimtelijk Ontwikklingsplan Bonaire, or R.O.B.), re-zoning a portion of the Bonaire National Marine Park waters.

In reaction, STCB, STINAPA and 86 community members filed an appeal to the BES Islands Court, revealing that their vision of zoning laws to allow commercial development in the Bonaire National Marine Park violates island policy, law and public trust.

So far, the courts have ruled in our favour in two important cases out of three. However we are not yet done because we are going to court again today at 11:15 AM, to appeal a technical decision made by the court.

Check out our dedicated website here and sign up for the dedicated "Save Bonaire Marine Park" newsletter here, to learn more about the coming case. 
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