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Why is it that in horror movies no one ever believes the female protagonist? She tells anyone who will listen that she’s being haunted/stalked/hurt but no one is willing to listen. Worse, sometimes she’s told it’s all in her head.

The games industry is rife with abuse victims (of all identities) who aren’t believed. Know what’s worse than being harassed or intimidated by a colleague?? When no one believes you or does anything to help. 

That’s why Feminist Frequency is tackling the toxic culture of the games industry and online gaming on two fronts. The Games & Online Harassment Hotline provides the listening ear and resource guidance survivors need RIGHT NOW. And the Culture Shift Project, our training program in partnership with Take This, works to create systemic industry-wide change so that this stops happening.


We have to do both. It’s not enough just to support people with the challenges of today and not think of how to create a better tomorrow. And it’s not enough to think only about the long-term while many of us are experiencing real suffering right now. We can’t keep asking our community members to keep reliving this nightmare.

Instead, we dream of a world where someone who is hurt or struggling in our community instantly knows that they can get support on the Games and Online Harassment Hotline. 

We also dream of a world where someone who alerts their peers to harm is understood and believed, and everyone is committed to repairing the damage and preventing it from happening again.  

We know we can make these dreams a reality - we just need your help!


If you’re in a position to help support our work, we need you to join us today. We’ve raised $6,436 of our $20,000 goal, and we need to raise the rest in JUST ONE WEEK! It all goes to getting our resources to the people who need them, supporting people going through hard times, *and* fixing the issues at the source.


P.S. Don’t forget - we’ve got a generous matching challenge from Landfall Games that will double your impact!
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