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This month, in honor of the Hotline’s second birthday, we’re sharing tips and resources we’ve gleaned from two years of Games and Online Harassment Hotline operation!

Today, let’s talk about how employers can support and protect their workers when online harassment crops up.

Online abuse and harassment is one of those things that can strike at any time without warning. Sometimes attacks might be triggered by an event, a stream, or a game release, but regardless of why it happens, it happens. And the consequences to the target can be traumatic and terrifying. When workers at game studios are targeted for abuse does the studio have a responsibility to support and protect their workers? We believe so. We believe every workplace should be prepared with a plan.
Here are some points to consider when building your policy:

    Clarity: Create a robust policy and protocol that is clearly communicated to all employees. Put this policy in a specific and easily accessible area with all the information workers might need. Be clear on what support is available to contract and freelance workers; we recommend equally offering the same support you would offer employees.

    Resources: Know what resources are available to your company and work with those partners in advance so everyone can hit the ground running when the harassment hits. Think about publishing partners who have relationships to gaming platforms, social media representatives who can escalate harassment on their platforms to internal safety teams, PR and communication if your company needs to make a public statement, legal teams being knowledgeable about online harassment laws in your region, and safety experts who can provide threat assessments and help you act fast. Knowing how each of these roles can help will allow all needed parties to respond rapidly.

    Support: It is important to remember to center the needs and safety of the person who is being targeted. Crisis situations can bring out the “let’s fix this” energy in bystanders and the wellbeing of the target is unintentionally pushed aside. Gently check in with the person who is being targeted, see what they need, offer them available resources, and give them space to process this trauma in their own way. Online harassment can be overwhelmed by itself, having several people constantly huddling around you while it’s happening can feel suffocating.
If you are interested in protecting your team from online attacks we can help in two ways. We have partnered with safety experts Tall Poppy to offer Digital Safety Workshops catered specifically to game developers and influencers. We also offer support building custom policies and protocols for game studios and publishers. Reach out to us if you want to learn more!

The Games and Online Harassment Hotline provides free, text message-based, confidential emotional support to anyone who needs it from people who understand abuse and harassment in games.

Supporters like you make the Hotline possible. Donate today and help us expand our reach!

Within the "How do I stay safe from a hate raid?" resource, we built a guide to protecting your Discord from hate raids

Hate raids from Twitch can spill over into streamers’ Discord servers, especially if there are links to the Discord server available on Twitch or other platforms.

We created a server template designed to protect any community targeted by a hate raid. Feel free to copy it, change it as much as you’d like, and use it as if you’d made it yourself.

We also tackle:

  • how to handle new members
  • a full Discord settings review
  • and helpful Discord bots
Thank you to our amazing community of streamers who are showing up for the Hotline this month. Check them out!
  • August 18 @ 4:30 PM PT: CosPilates - Mermaids, Seals, and Swimming are not just for summer, but for Pilates too! Join Sarah for an open level Pilates mat class inspired by the infamous TV trope, the Beach Episode! 
  • August 19 @ 4 PM PT: SweetNShady get a lil sweet n shady as Kat streams competitive Overwatch!
  • August 19 @ 5 - 8 PM PT: that_deangelo streams on LatinXinGames - tune in for Vampire: The Masquerade and influence the game with your donations to the Hotline!
  • August 26 @5 PM PT: Prince_Harming - one of our very favorite drag king streamers!

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