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Hi Friend,

Creepy music starts playing. You hear a rustling from the basement/attic/woods. You open the door and suddenly the monster/murderer/supernatural beastie jumps out and attacks you!

Meanwhile, the world was watching and screaming:

“Don’t go in there!”

Does it ever feel like you’re living in a cheesy horror movie? The monster you’re fighting? Recurring abuse and toxicity in gaming spaces and workplaces. You have to keep opening the door, but every time you do it, the abuse and harassment you face wreaks havoc on your life or anyone who dares to get involved.

Here’s the thing: we don’t think anyone should have to spend their lives waiting for the next jump scare of unexpected doxxing, hate raids, or workplace harassment. And we definitely don’t think that the answer is to tell people to avoid playing or working in games - “don’t go in there!” isn’t good advice if we want to make things better!

So what do we do? 


Unlike in a scary movie, you’re not cut off from help if you need it. Your cellphone has a full battery, you’ve got all four bars, and help is just a click or a text away. In moments of crisis, fear, or hopelessness, you’ve got the Games and Online Harassment Hotline in your back pocket.

But here’s the other thing: we need your help to get the Hotline to the people who aren’t reading this email right now.

We know how to get the Hotline in front of more people, but that work takes time, money, and people power.  It’s a simple equation - your support expands our reach.

We’ve set a goal of $20,000 for our 13th Birthday Campaign because there is more work to be done. We are here to help anyone who needs it. But first they have to know about us. Your donation today makes that happen.


P.S.  Tomorrow, in honor of Friday the 13th and our 13th Birthday, join us on Twitch for a very special 13 hour stream! 9am to 10pm PT!
You, sprinting on over to our Friday the 13th stream!
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