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**TOMORROW  -- ARPC Annual Meeting / Elections   (Thursday 730pm)

One meeting a year, in November, is the ARPC annual general meeting where we hear an udpate on the state of the club; vote for officers to the Board of Directors (unopposed this year) and a financial report as well as the President's vision for the upcoming year.   The club / Board of Directors have been supporters of IDPA and this is a great chance to show your appreciation and in fact share in the running of the Club by your presence and vote.  Join us please.   Be there early to sign in, starts tomorrow at 730pm.  Must have your club ID badge.
This meeting will be at the Arnold VFW Hall,  2301 Church Rd.,  Arnold MO, 63010

ARPC Project Help Needed / work time
We need some help with the camera project Saturday.  Several crews will be helping with the fiber optic cable runs - working the contractor.  Please stay after the match (or come out if not shooting) and help us for a few hours after 12 noon this Saturday.  Please RSVP to me by email with your cell phone and with email so I can give you any updates in case the work is cancelled.  NO tools - NO skills - just a sense of team work as we help complete this last ket step.

Shoot Your Carry Gun Saturday.....................Gate Code is 256#

This Saturday we will have our monthly match and it will be a BUG match, meaning bring your small gun - your carry gun!!

In accordance with IDPA BUG  (back up gun) rules, gun must be .32 caliber or larger with a barrel length of 3.8 inches or less for semi-autos and 3 inches or less for revolvers.  The gun will be loaded to not more than 5 rounds, and some stages will require reloading with another 5 rounds.  For safety a strong-side belt holster may be used but is not required, and many stages will be from the low ready position or by retrieving the gun from a briefcase or drawer.  If you do not have a holster we will start you from low ready position.  EVEN if you do have a holster its use will need to be approved by your squad IDPA Safety Officer before use.   **Yes you can shoot a bigger gun if that is all you have.

Our focus:  we want everyone to have a chance to shoot what they REALLY carry, not the bigger guns we all shoot in monthly matches.  Sure, we will see some trying to take advantage by shooting short barreled full frame guns.  So be it.  This match is for the shooter who really wants to try his accuracy in some self defense scenarios with the gun most commonly at hand.  I will shoot my Diamondback 9mm, maybe my Kahr PM9.  Some folks will shoot their Ruger LCP or Smith Wesson Bodyguard 380, or maybe a .38 snubnose.

Differing from a regular monthly match here, we will have more stages, lower round counts, closer targets - set up to represent how you might react to a situation carrying a BUG gun.  It has been a noteworthy month for crime in St. Louis with four street robberies during with the victims cooperated and handed over their belonginings and still they were SHOT by the assailant, including two females robbed and shot in the face.

We know we have a loyal band of followers at ARPC-IDPA who have expressed interest in this type of match, where the playing field is really leveled. (there are no classifications..all are BUG)  If you have been watching but not yet shot with us yet, this is your match.  If your spouse / son / daughter has been interested, this is the type of event that will give them great insight into what IDPA is all about.   And if they are new we will give them all the information they need to be safe, shoot well and have a great the New Shooters Meeting at 8:05 on match day.

6:45 - 8:00 setup stages
7:30 - 8:00 Registration - Registration will close at 8:00 sharp

Once again....
Registration closes at 8:00 sharp
8:00 - 8:20 SO meeting
8:05 - 8:20 New Shooter Meeting (Mandatory for first time IDPA shooter)
8:20 - 8:30 Shooters Meeting
8:30 - 12:30 Shoot Match
12:30 - 1:00 Clean-up

If you are a new shooter to IDPA, you MUST be registered BEFORE 8:00am so that you can make the new shooter meeting. You will be asked to watch this month and join in the fun the next time if you can't make this meeting, sorry, but safety comes first at ARPC. So please plan on arriving before 7:45am.

Cost is still only $8 to shoot with 50% discount for working as a Safety Officer (If you can help SO, please let me know prior to Saturday)  You can also get 50% off if you show up prior to 7am and help build the stages. 

Thanks for your interest in and support of IDPA at ARPC.

Jere J. Wilmering, Jr. 
November Match Director


Mark Goede
ARPC-IDPA Match Director

Jere Wilmering
ARPC-IDPA Assistant MD



Will Steffen
ARPC-IDPA Assistant MD

Jeff Meyers
ARPC-IDPA Assistant MD



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