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When Donald Trump was elected President, we vowed to continue to "zealously advocate for our clients’ rights at home and abroad." We could not anticipate that our promise would be challenged so soon.

But when the President signed the devastating executive order affecting thousands of refugees and immigrants, we were ready.

We immediately organized a powerful task force of pro bono lawyers at numerous international airports across the country, established a helpline for affected travelers, and filed the first lawsuits to halt the detention and deportation and to challenge the order in its entirety.

What gave us the strength and courage throughout were the testimonies of our clients and their grace and endurance, even in the face of great adversity. We also could not have done this without the dedication of thousands of volunteers across the country and abroad and our tremendous network of supporters.  

Together, we created a movement. Thank you!
IRAP client, Haider Sameer Abdulkhaleq Alshawi, with IRAP attorney, Julie Kornfeld,
outside of JFK Airport after he was held for more than 22 hours in detention.
Key highlights from the past few months:
Travel Ban
In response to the President's devastating executive order, we had no choice but to attack the travel ban on all fronts: by mobilizing our network of lawyers, litigating against the executive order, and defining the narrative!
Student Involvement
Our law school chapters are more involved than ever: speaking out on behalf of their clients, broadening their horizons at home and abroad, crowdfunding for their clients, and forming a grassroots network of young human rights defenders!
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IRAP's Response to the Travel Ban: We Won't Back Down!
Thanks to IRAP's swift response to the executive order, thousands of affected travelers were able to enter the country safely. Our call to action inspired protests and volunteer initiatives across the country.
IRAP v. Trump: Fighting the Travel Ban in the Courts
We sued the government before - and won! This time, we are challenging the executive order in its entirety. We will do whatever it takes to protect our clients and refugees everywhere!
IRAP client, Hameed Darweesh, at a press conference
with Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY).
Iraqi IRAP Clients Attend Trump's First Speech to Congress
Hameed Darweesh and Farah Marcolla, both affected by the travel ban in different ways, had been invited by Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) and Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) to attend the event.
IRAP attorney Julie Kornfeld holds up a front page news story picturing her client's reunification with his family.
IRAP in the News: Defining the Narrative
The New York Times broke the story that started it all, and the news that people were being detained at airports around the country spread like wildfire. IRAP was at the front lines to shape the narrative.
The Fight to Save the Afghan SIV Program Continues
IRAP's tireless efforts contributed to the re-authorization of the Afghan SIV program for four more years. Unfortunately, available visas are going to run out very soon, but IRAP is working with our allies to increase that number.
Last Week Tonight and Humans of New York Praise IRAP
Both John Oliver in his late-night comedy show Last Week Tonight, and Brandon Stanton, creator of Humans of New York, singled out IRAP as the organization worthy of donor support to protect refugees.  
IRAP Alumni Association Spotlight

As part of our growing Alumni Association, we spotlight IRAP alumni in each quarterly newsletter. If you worked with IRAP in law school, make sure to connect with us via email or Facebook so we can keep in touch!
"IRAP provided me with the opportunity to manage a case and solve real-world, complex problems."

                  This month we are featuring Alexis Federico, the former Director of the IRAP Chapter at the University of California Irvine School of Law.
Seventh Annual IRAP Student Summit Breaks Attendance Record!
Almost 150 IRAP chapter members from across the United States and Canada met with keynote speaker, Ambassador Ryan Crocker, and former IRAP clients during our Seventh Annual Student Summit on October 8-9, 2016.
A CUNY Law Student Reports Back From Her Jordan Trip
"I am heartbroken for those families who continue to exist in limbo." But after meeting an Iraqi refugee during the student trip in Amman, Jordan, Myriah Heddens is more determined than ever to fight for refugees.
Photo by Mary Dahdouh, Beirut 2016
Speaking Up About Discrimination Among Refugees
Our client Bader is still reporting from Lebanon about his life as an LGBT refugee. His latest guest blog post talks about his experience representing the LGBT refugee community at a UNHCR event.
We're Growing! Say Hello to Our New Hires!

To better serve our clients, we have hired new staff in our headquarters and field offices: Sarah Vaughan Troyer and Alec Foresta have joined the development team in our New York office, Julia Kessler is our new paralegal, also in New York, Reem Quttineh completes the Jordan office as the new caseworker, and Wael Ballout is the new office administrative assistant in Lebanon.

Welcome to the team!
IRAP in the News
Morning Joe: Confusion as Trump Restricts Travels
IRAP's Director, Becca Heller, called out Press Secretary Sean Spicer for lying about the number of people affected by the travel ban.
MSNBC: Lawyers Battle Against Immigration Ban
On Tamron Hall's show, IRAP's Supervising Attorney, Mark Doss, discussed the battle moving forward to fight Trump's immigration ban
PRI: Volunteer Lawyers Assist Detained Travelers
On PRI's The World, IRAP's Policy Director, Betsy Fisher, commented on the reduced refugee cap in the President's executive order. 
This American Life: It's Working Out Very Nicely
Three IRAP staff members involved in the immediate airport response to the travel ban are interviewed about the devastating impact.  
Full Frontal: Those Are Real People
In this Veterans and Refugees Edition, Samantha Bee interviews IRAP's Policy Associate, Mac McEachin, and other veterans about their views on refugees.
CNN: Trump Suspends Refugee Admissions
IRAP's Middle East Field Director, Kathleen Norland List, reports to CNN International from Lebanon on the travel ban's crushing impact on IRAP's clients.
IRAP's efforts to fight the discriminatory executive order on all fronts were reported on by dozens of outlets in the immediate aftermath:
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