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Extra Fun 

She Bop has a host of offerings to spice up your evening or your next special event.  Here's a look at what you can do:

- After-hours parties
 Great for Bachelorette and birthdays.  Get your own private tour of the store with your friends, picking out toys while enjoying some wine!

- DVD rentals
We offer rentals of all our instructional and educational DVD's.  We believe it's so important to make this information readily available for our's part of our educational mission.  

- Extensive book selection
Come check out our host of titles.  We will soon be expanding our book selection by about 20 titles.  We love book recommendations too!

Welcome to She Bop! 

Thanks for your interest in She Bop -- our female-friendly sex toy shop located in the Historic Mississippi District.  She Bop was born out of the need for more places where people of all genders and sexual orientations can feel comfortable and safe shopping for sex toys.  We strive to promote healthy and safe sexuality by offering quality products in a fun environment.

We've only been in business a couple months, so we want to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive.  We appreciate the neighborhood being so excited and's really made for a perfect fit!

As part of our efforts at empowerment and education, we'll be sending you this newsletter once a month -- packed with information on new products, classes, and happenings at the shop. 

Now for the good stuff...

We have a lot of offerings at She Bop that we're excited to tell you all about.  Here is a look at what we are offering right now:

 THIS SUNDAY!  Feb. 7 - Stripping For Your Lover
Stripping for Your Lover is a fun and sassy class designed for just about anyone who wants to get a little frisky with their lover. Sophia St. James will guide you through various stretches that will help you move in the sensual and seductive way needed to entice any person. You will learn chair, standing, and couch techniques that anyone can use.
For more information, click here.

 Valentines Day Special Event - February 14 - G Spot and Ejaculation: Nothing says I love you like getting the sheets wet! 

The G-Spot has folks all over the globe with their panties in knots. It exists! No, it's a hoax! Do I really even have one?  Come join nationally loved and respected Sex Coach and Advisor Felice Shays as she explains and demystifies this sexual Holy Grail: the G-Spot. Open to all genders and sexual appetites.  7:30-9 PM at She Bop. Call us for details.                                                                                                                                                                                               February 19 - Booth at LOVE HURTS She Bop will be representing at this queer-friendly event. We're also selling tickets at our shop! For more information, click here.                                                                                                                                                      March 21- Kick It Up A Notch: Taking Sex To The Next Level.  Mark your calendars!  From her popular columns and website to her videos and lecture series, Tristan Taormino has garnered raves for her unabashed straight talk about sex. Now, you can hear it from the sexpert herself!  She'll cover a variety of topics, including how to: let go of the myths of what sex should be like; improve your erotic communication skills; add something new to the mix; explore dirty talk, fantasy, and erotic role playing; try anal pleasure and penetration; utilize sex toys, lubricants, and other erotic accessories. This unique, intimate class will be a supportive, non-judgmental environment where you can ask questions and openly discuss your sexual issues and goals.  Location and time TBA.     


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